West Brom week 12 January 20th 2020

Bonus goals this week for 6 losses or more across the team are awarded to the Fridge Raiders and Nacho average team well done both.

Next weeks bonus goal is 5kg loss across your team cumulative across all players. Motivation to keep the losses going.

Welcome back to the league to Andy Wilkes.

Well done to nacho average team who won the scales league last week and confirmed overall league winners tonight

Weight loss by team
Expected Toulouse 11kg for season - -1.6kg this wk
Fridge raiders 19.6kg for season - 6.4kg this wk
Man titty 5.7kg for season -1.2kg for this wk
Nacho average team 44.1kg for season - 4.9kg this wk
Psv 9.5kg for season - -0.8kg this wk
Quakers 21.6kg for season - 2.6kg this wk

Weight loss team of week
1/Simon Holmes 1.4kg loss
2/Joshua Bailey chambers 1.5kg loss
3/rob Allsopp 1.6kg loss, rob carr 1.6kg loss
4/dan Whittaker 2kg loss
5/Aiden francis 3kg loss
6/Ebenezer Samuel 3.4kg loss