West Brom week 13 January 27th

Well done to psv 6.5kg loss this week as a team so an extra bonus goal awarded for this weeks bonus which was 5kg loss as a team.

The bonus goal on top of a pitch 2-0 victory helped secure the cup final victory trophy for psv vs last seasons cup holders Quakers. Good battle both teams and congrats to psv big push on the scales this week paid off.

Also well done to Ebenezer Samuel of fridge raiders for his hattrick and 5% in the same week so contributing 4.5 scale goals for his team this week.

There were 6 hattricks across the league this week well done to all who achieved.

Weight loss by team cumulative week 13
Expected Toulouse 9.5kg loss
Fridge raiders 18.2kg loss
Man titty 9.2kg loss
Nacho average team 39.1kg loss
Psv 16kg loss
Quakers 19.1kg loss

Weight loss team of the week
1/andrew Wilkes 1.6kg loss
2/Kirk dyas 1.6kg loss
3/Bruce dyas 1.6kg loss
4/dean hunter 2kg loss
5/Riaz Khan 2kg loss
6/Ebenezer Samuel 2.6kg loss

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Ebz man of the match tonight for fridge raiders Scored a goal an assist and lost shed loads again. Well done mate