West Brom week 3 first opportunity for hattricks

Well done to Rob Carr and Martin Simpson who both achieved 5% losses tonight and both on hattrick week.

Well done to all of you who got your hattrick this week shows habits are being formed and feeling the rewards of that for your team and on the scales.

Across the 6 teams we had 14 hattricks with 4 each for Dundee cake United and nacho average team.

Big shout outs to Sean derrington and nathan Timmins tonight both unable to play but both tracked, both attended lost weight and got hattricks so without kicking a ball contributed Approx 2 goals for there team each. Ronnie Harris also unwell but attended tracked and recorded a loss for his team,

Weight loss by team for season and week
Dundee cake United 26.7kg and 9.7kg for wk
Nacho average team 29.2kg and 8.1kg for wk
Pie in the sky blues 22.5kg and 1.6kg for wk
Psv 15.6kg and 1.7kg for wk
Quakers -0.3kg and 0.00kg for wk
VARsity club 16.8kg and 6.3kg for wk

Weight loss team of the week
1/Andrew connolly 2.2kg loss
2/dan Whittaker 2.2kg loss
3/rob Carr 2.4kg loss
4/Andrew field 2.5kg loss
5/shane Simmonds 2.5kg loss
6/Jaydon Hadley 3kg loss

Weight loss pairs quarter final sees
Tim B and Ronnie v Sean D and Lee C
Steve S and Pete v Jaydon and Aiden
Paul S and Paul M v Andy and Nathan T
Rob C, Martin and Stu w vs Josh and Billy

Scales turned two fixtures tonight overturning 5 goal pitch defeats with nachos winning courtesy of 5%s achieved and Dundee cake United with 4 hattricks and 100% losses across team. Week 4 really does start now as the things your doing from now to next Monday night will contribute to your teams result.

Captains shout outs for week
Pie in the sky blues Rob Baker motm for us, good couple of goals. Everyone put in a shift and special mention to Sean Derrington who came just to weigh in and helped with a hat trick. Good game PSV :handshake:🏻

Dundee cake United Nathan was MOTM for us tonight… came to weigh in … event though he didnt play and got us a hatrick to support the cause.

Toffa is MOTM for Quakers, good weight loss and worked really hard on the pitch and got himself 2 goals

VARsity club After a loss on the scales and a good pitch performance our MOTM was Josh. Well played Nachos.

Nachos Despite getting hammered on the pitch well played to Varsity our man of the match was Martin kept running on the pitch and another great scales report and shared great food all week in group :+1:t2:

Psv Dan B good week on the scales