West Brom week 4 weight loss upto 202kg

Some great weight loss results again this week well done to

Rob Carr on his 5% loss for FC thin it to win it

Ant groom for psv with his 5% loss tonight

Ebs Samuel 5% tonight for VARsity
Ronnie Harris 5% tonight for VARsity following on from a man of match performance yesterday in the 11s game

Simon Morley 5% for VARsity smashing it on the scales while an injury his keeping him out of playing on the pitch. Great effort

Weight loss by team
FC thin it to win it 50.6kg for season with 12.2kg today And 3 hattricks
A big welcome back to Andy Field

FC Twente 11.6kg for season with 6.8kg this week and 3 hattricks

Pie in the sky blues with 43.4kg for the week and 7.10 kg this week and 1 hattrick

Psv with 29.1kg for the season and 3kg today with 2 hattricks

Quakers with 23.1kg loss for season and 1.4kg today

Varsity club with 41.2kg for season and 12.3kg today with 3 hattricks aswell as the 3 x 5%s

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Andy field 5kg loss back with a bang
  2. Ebs Samuel 3.6kg loss and the 5% and hattrick A good weeks work
  3. Jaydon Hadley 2.5kg loss making it 13.5kg so far
  4. Stu Bromley 2.5kg loss leading by example as captain and taking the armband in yesterday’s 11s game
  5. Stephen white 2kg loss with a season total so far of 10kg
  6. billy cope 1.8kg loss

The guys representing the league yday in 11s action did very well and we lost 4-2 to a team called Harper rose a non-manvfat team so a good test and run out on grass surface

Discussions on WhatsApp today were all on planning ahead for the week with your choices and scoring your exercise as your perception of effort now commiting the time.

Lastly a warning everyone playing must weigh in before you play if your running late I can fast track you to the front of the queue but weigh in must be recorded. The official rule will be applied and a 5-0 pitch loss for the team of any player Not weighing in before game in future weeks.

Player of week nominations

FC Twente
Shout out to Jack. 1.5kg weight loss and a goal on 1st outfield appearance.

All the team played well and worked hard

FC thin it to win it

Rob Carr landed his 5% shared some great meals all week and stood in goal tonight made a few great saves for us
Also Andy Field great to see his return has had some great conversations in the group and also shared his meals and got some minutes under belt on pitch also awesome lads

Pie in the sky blues

Jaydon continues to blast out the losses.


2 motms this week. Simon for continually losing weight even through injury, and also getting his 5% this week. And shaggy for his 2nd clean sheet in a row and great communication on and off the pitch.

Psv Ant Groom for 5% and hattrick

Hattrick week for Phil Atkinson Walker

Weight loss pairs semi final sees

Stu B and Kev M vs Rob K and Steve W

Jaydon and Dean L vs Paul S and Steve S