West Brom week 9Season 5

Well done to Gareth downing and Paul baker who won the weight loss pairs tonight with a combined 3.6kg loss achieved which also saw Paul achieve healthy bmi level. Great achievement both achieving for yourself and for your team.

Well done to james stored who achieved his 5% tonight for leftovers he was part of the pairing who also got to the final along with lee Clarke.

Weight loss by team for season so far
Fatzio 38.4kg for season
Man titty 21.5kg for season
Psv 20.6 kg for season
Quakers 33.7kg for season
Salad dodgers 25.4kg for season
The leftovers 43.3kg for season

Weight loss team of the week
1/Kristofer par and lee Clarke both 0.8kg
2/Michael hawkes, Chris green 0.8kg
3/Paul Baker 1.8kg loss
4/Gareth downing 1.8kg loss
5/Philip Atkinson Walker 2kg loss
6/Sean derrington 2kg loss

Aswell as the 5% and a healthy bmi being achieved we also had 5 hattricks tonight

The cup final later in season will be between Quakers and The leftovers
Salad dodgers will play man titty and the other game will see psv vs fatzio

Captains shout outs for the week

The leftovers Lee motm for us. 2 goals and never shuts up

Man titty Motm was a massive team effort tonight with only 6 players. Well done all

Fatzio Man of the match for us was team effort great game in the pitch fair play to man titty :+1:t2:

Salad dodgers Stu motm for us tonight great hold up and good goal also shout out to Jon in goal few great saves

Motm for us is ammo for great defending, getting better and better each week