Weston-Super-Mare week 1



As the football got underway in W-S-M on Monday evening there was some fantastic performances both on the pitch and on the scales.

Too many individuals to single out, but will give special mention to Mr Robin Woodward who lost a massive 7.04kg in week 1, just shy of his 5%BWV. Well done mate!

I’m now off on a well earned break in the sunshine (albeit with the Mrs :stuck_out_tongue:) for a couple of weeks, so I shall see you all on the 14th Aug. Keep up the great work!


Ps. Mr Alan Cooper has kindly arranged for a photographer to come along next Monday to take team photos and a few action shots from the games. So don’t forget to shave and have a haircut :wink:


Pleasure again to come along again and help out last night, some great guys and some good football played as well.
Keep the focus on the weight loss guys, fantastic job Robin - 5% in your first week is remarkable and knowing you from the first Bridgwater league I know that you are more than capable of keeping it up.
I look forward to seeing you all again on 7th August, enjoy your holiday @markmckeever


Is it to late to sign up to the Weston league?


Never too late to sign up mate. Give Gavin (https://talk.manvfat.com/u/Gavin0305) or Roger (https://talk.manvfat.com/u/smithr82) a shout and I’m sure they will be happy either to help or point you in the right direction


Ive just signed up for the weston/worle league, what do i need to do now?


Give it a little time mate and you will likely get an email from the league coach. Takes them a few hours to check through their inbox and get back to people. Gav and co are pretty quick though