What a difference a season makes



Let me start by saying that I am a founding member of the Cardiff league - there from week one, signed up before the league began.

Our first season was brilliant in sooooo many ways. I got my 5% after having lost around 15% waiting for the league to start (really had to do it!), loads of our members lost loads, we developed bonds and friendships but with all of that something wasn’t right. People were losing but sporadically. We didn’t have any weight loss advice, we had no referees most weeks meaning the coach had to double up so if you came late you had to wait to weigh in or weigh after the match and official MANvFAT rules were not applied or adhered to. While the season felt great (we knew no better) nothing could have prepared us for what was to come.

Season two began on the last day of Season one with our league administrator telling us our coaches (who worked for a provider not MANvFAT) had dropped out along with the provider and he was really keen to give us what he described as the full MANvFAT experience. He let us know that a new coach had been appointed and that would change things massively. I must admit I was very skeptical. We had a coach already and honestly most motivation, support or guidance I had was given to me by my team or through my own research. I could not have been more wrong. Our coach was (and is) prominent forum poster @maxnas and from the very first welcome meeting we knew things were going to change having an organised and knowledgeable coach is EVERYTHING! The advice we get given by him each week is second to none. Weigh ins are accompanied by detailed discussions about problems, solutions and successes. We have an amazing referee and on the pitch things are moving forward also.

If anyone is thinking about joining - DO IT. You will not regret it. The support from teams and friends is still there in abundance but with the added benefit of having through the week support and almost personal consultation like weigh ins. Weight is coming off quicker for all our lads and we are enjoying it more.

Thanks to Roger our league administrator and MANvFAT for helping us to make the change in Cardiff. What an awesome programme we have now. The full, proper MvF experience!


Excellent read, @Stan. All the best with your future seasons.

Congrats on your weight loss as well, you’ve smashed it, fair play!



how would I go about joining and finding out more info


Here you go mate



PM me your mobile number. We have a discount code to get £5 off the joining fee. Would love to have you at MANvFAT Cardiff


Hi Stephen, did you get yourself signed up?

We’d love to have you in the club! :slight_smile: