What are you snacking on today?


Share with the class please!

I am creating this thread purely to shout about caramel snack-a-jacks, though - I’ve had them before, but just swiped two from my daughter and they are SO much nicer than I remember. And 50ish cals each for those big flat ones.

\not sponsored by snackajacks but am open to offers if they’re reading


Home cooked meat, have a gammon joint and beef roasting joint pre-cooked and now sliced and in the fridge!


Niceeeeee! That is some fancy snacking right there!


I just find it hits the spot more than fruit or anything dry/carby… my mum has been eating TONS of these lately though… might be more up your street!


Oooh, I’m all about the satsumas. BTW my theory on satsumas is that they’re like supporting a shit football team. For the majority of the time (i.e. 11 months out of the year) they’re really erratic - 1 great one and 4 mediocre ones for every 10 you eat. But then you get to Christmas and suddenly it’s that glorious cup rub time and the ratio rockets up so that you get 2 great ones and 5 mediocre ones for every 10 you eat.

Actually, maybe they’re more like a scratch card addiction. They also leave embarrassing stains under your finger nails, so there’s that too.


Are you suggesting that I have an insatiable sweet tooth?!?!

(I love those, haven’t had one for an age though!)


Also at Christmas they come in nice boxes! Do you know the difference between satsumas, clementines and tangerines? (Does anyone?!)


@emma1 - my advice to you if you DO have a problematic sweet tooth is to stay away from Caramel Wafers!

Crack cocaine confectionary!


Yep, it really wouldn’t be a wise move for me to buy a pack right now!


OMG Snackajacks - have not had them in ages - got to the point where as I was living on these as a snack!

At the moment my go to is the fibre one 90 cal bars.


Salt & Vinegar Snackajacks have to be up there with cashew nuts in terms of moreishnessability…


I know that in America Mandarins and Tangerines are the same thing… think it’s all about the easypeel-ability :slight_smile:


hang on, apparently tangerines, clementines and satsumas are all types of Mandarin?!


Snack bars are a gateway drug. If I manage to convince myself that a Tracker won’t do me any harm then come 3pm I’m trying to get the final bits of sugar from a minipack of Haribo Tangfastics that the kids brought back from a party bag.


Those multipacks of Drifters, Time Out, Tunnocks Teacakes etc always hit the spot and are under 100 calories or there abouts. The problem, of course, is stopping at one.


The past 2 weeks, elevenses has been all boiled eggs, cheese strings, apples, dairylea dunkers.

No carby cereal bars or the suchlike, not even low calorie crisps.

Shame about the evening chocolate though. :joy:


Pink N whites 50 cals each 6 in a pack!
2 is plenty as a snack.
Or soreen Halloween bars 100 calories each toffee apple or blood orange flavour.


ooh Tangfastics… Up there with Gourmet Jelly Beans - crystal meth level sugar addiction products.


Carb killa protein bar for me. I discovered it from MvF, recommended it to others and even fallen back in love with chocolate spread on toast - the Carb Killa one, not that garbage called Nutella!! :smirk::grimacing:


is that the one from Myprotein @rkr786 ?