What are you snacking on today?


oh these!? interesting! that’s not bad 2G of carbs for a choccy bar - that’s the same as my fizzy vitamins and electrolytes !


Those are the ones! I really like them and have noticed them popping up in train station WH Smiths and in my local corner shop. I’m told that the peanut butter ones are nice, but I really don’t like peanut butter so…

@rkr786 their PR people sent me a big box of them when we did a competition to win some on MVF, that was a very nice few weeks!


yep these ones mate


my Dad gets a discount at his health store! lol.

I got a whole box of the white choc ones. I entered the competition but didn’t win sadly! lol


halo top ice cream Salted Caramel half a tub with a handful of Raspberries less than 200 calories.



I’ve got these to snack on today, they’re so nice and verrrry low in calories


I’ve had these and they are pretty cool, they get stuck in your teeth a bit though!


I normally have to have an afternoon snacks. I factor them into my daily limit though, so I’m never going over that limit. Still, it does detract from my dinner calories.

Today, I’m having 2 Kind Peanut bars. 1 Peanut butter Dark Chocolate bar (200 calories) and 1 Almond & Coconut bar (190 calories).


bananas are my go to snack atm!


apples or satsuma at work, caramel snack-a-jack at home