What are your favourite low-cal snacks?



I’m putting together a bumper list for the blog and so want to know what your favourite low-cal snacks are. Can be things to pick up from a shop or something you make.



apples, rice cakes, nuts , & oranges for me


Pink n whites :raised_hands:t2::hugs:


Have you ever had one microwaved?! I haven’t but I’ve heard that’s nice


Take it one step further, split one of the wafers off, put in the microwave with a freddo on for around 15 seconds. Then put the other half on and nuke for about 20-30 seconds. Total calories is around 125 if I remember correctly but good sugar and choc hit for those who crave the bad stuff


Now that is genius


Rich tea biscuits as long as its only 2.


Alpen peanut butter popcorn snack bars. Only 90 calories and just sheer heaven. A little white chocolate on the base to give you that chocolate hit.


No added sugar jelly pots from Hartley’s, especially the 10cal range. Great if you’ve got a sweet tooth but you’re counting calories. I’ve seen people adding low calorie spray cream and all sorts on top to jazz them up a bit. I’m a fan of just pouring them into my trap though!


ohh think i shall be popping into asda on my way home tonight


90 calorie brownies.


Rice cakes. Just tried ITSU Seaweed snacks. They are thin as you like, taste great and have little bit of chew in them.


I went to try this tonight only to find my 6 pack from my snack cupboard gone! My daughter fessed up that her mate & herself shared them so il have to restock tomorrow morning.


French Fries crisps 79 calories a pack.
Space Raiders froma multipack 58 calories a pack

I go a bit further with the sugar free jelly and use the sugar free jelly you have to make.
A whole half pint of the stuff is only 18 calories. Hell you could have the whole pint if you wanted!

Surely low calorie ice cream is a snack? Or is that just a dessert?

There are so many lower calorie products now, what a time to be alive…


Mini omelettes! Great for food prepping and only c75kcal each.


GREAT! Will try these for sure


My Mrs makes these are they are great fair play


I get pack of grapes. If fancy something sweet, I’ll have one or two. Only 3 cals each.
Oh and don’t forget benefits of drinking water.


The 10 cal jellies are my fave and also space raiders and Freddo bars