What Cell Phone do you use?

Simple enough question, what cell phone do you use? Are you an android or iphone user? If either, why?

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iPhone. Once you’ve gone Apple it’s very difficult to go back. Not complaining though, I like my iPhone.


Android all the way

Had a pixel and now on a Samsung S8+

iPhone 7 Plus apple , went bigger screen this time and have broke it twice I’ve never broke a screen before .
Tried a Samsung ended up changing back to Apple.

Big Apple fan and have been on iPhone since they came out… Until about a month ago when I got bored of paying £378272626272 every time I drop it -
so picked up a Huawei P8. I must say, it’s a breath of fresh air. :+1:

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Android here, since the HTC Hero in 2009.
Found the Nexus devices to be absolutely brilliant value and virtually bulletproof. Broke the screen on my Nexus 4 once and fixed it myself for £20. Got a Pixel XL at the moment but it’s not as good as the Nexus’s were.

Anyone else find that phones are just too delicate these days? I saw a Carphone Whorehouse advert a while back for the Samsung S-Something that offered “your first screen replacement free”. Surely that means they are knowingly selling phones with screens that aren’t fit for purpose?

Android - Samsung S7

Started of on iPhone then went to android, then went back to iphone for a few models and back to android. Sticking with android from now on.

Android here, Huawei P10. I love it. I mainly got it because of the Leica camera, but it’s definitely the best phone I’ve owned.

For my fellow android users, does Razer’s project Linda get you excited? If you don’t know what that is, here’s some explanations:

Personally, I love this idea. And if they come out with it, and if the reviews say its awesome, I’m going to pick one up. But what do you think? Good? Bad? Interesting?

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I have always went with Android. As a bit of a Google fanboy, I got the first android phone, the G1 (HTC Dream in the U.S?). I love the customisation and openness of the Android platform.

Currently using a Google Pixel, which I love. I haven’t seen anything that’s made me want to upgrade yet. My partner has a Samsung Galaxy S8 edge or whatever it’s called. It’s pretty sexy but I like my Pixel more.

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Great idea. hopefully it’ll be better received than the Motorola Atrix was.

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Currently on an S7 Edge.
Contract is about to expire.
This is the first time in a few years that I have not had a yearly upgrade.

So for renewal… torn between…
Note 8, S8+ (had S2/3/4/5/6 and 7 edge so used to Samsungs)
Pixel 2 (for the camera, wish XL had Samsung screen so the bezels on the standard size weren’t an issue…)
IPhone (never had one, wondering whether to go to the dark side but worried I will hate it after years of Android…)

Any ideas???

I’ve been iPhone for years,but after the battery issue and slowing down phones with updates I’m seriously considering going to company that doesn’t purposefully shit on its customers. I’m leaning towards the pixel !

Well, what do you look for in a phone? And what do you need your phone to do?

I thought I wanted the best in class camera that the Pixel has. But just a nagging worry about being disappointed in a smaller phone.

There isn’t much between the S8+ & Note 8.
Boils down to the Note having the pen & a better camera.

What do you use your current phone for, mostly? Thats the key question to ask. Because odds are, thats what your going to use it for in the future.

edit: also, what do you want a better camera for?

@Darren_Welch good buying guide for a new phone:

Hope this helps!

Samsung s8. Always been an apple user make the switch back in October and wish I never had! Very hard to adapt to something your so use to. Will.more than likely swap back next October.

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I am very up to date with tech knowledge etc.

The issue is that these phones all have pluses & minuses, never used to be this hard.

Have never ever owned an iphone so puzzled why I am tempted now. That iPhone X looks a beast.

But the android phones always seem a step ahead feature wise…

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I have the iPhone X, I love it but I’m the opposite to you, always been iPhone and hate android

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