What do people on Weight Watchers eat?

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Curious about what people doing WW (or Weight Watchers) eat? It can be hard to know what exactly ‘points’ translates to and whether or not people doing WW live on salads and plain chicken breasts (spoiler: they don’t). We wanted to know what people were eating, so we trawled through Instagram and many Weight Watchers recipes to bring you a selection of some of the meals that people are eating – yes, they all look delicious and yes, they are losing weight while eating them. Win win.

What do people on Weight Watchers eat?


Bacon and egg baked cups, 4sp per cup. Get the recipe here.


Veggie scramble, 6sp.

Two-ingredient pancakes, 1sp. These pancakes are made from just egg and banana, but don’t let that put you off as they’re actually extremely delicious and great if you fancy something sweet at breakfast. Get the recipe here.




Turkey Subway on wheat bread with honey mustard sauce, 8sp.


Shrimp tacos, 9sp

Mini sausage rolls, 3sp per serving. Get the recipe here.

Chicken curry pasta, 3sp per serving. Get the recipe here.



Two ingredient pizza dough plus toppings, 8sp. This recipe uses flour and yoghurt to make a low-point pizza base. It looks pretty convincing and beats trying to get cauliflower to resemble a pizza base.


Chicken enchiladas, rice and salad make for a tasty and filling meal. This meal was 15sp.


Mediterranean fish stew with garlic aioli and ciabatta, 8sp.


Chicken filo pie, 7sp per portion.


How amazingly fresh and vibrant does this look?! Tuna pasta salad, 6sp.

Are you doing Weight Watchers? We want to see what you eat! Post your pics over on the forum.

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Their recipes aren’t too bad although I’ve only tried a couple. I like that they have the option there and that the recipes they provide are not over complicated with ingredients I would never consider eating.
As I’ve said before the best thing about the local weight watchers is that they have managed to get away from the weighing in front of the mayor’s wife feel. Definitely changed from how they were back in 2015 when I first joined the local MvF group.