What do you think about taking a deposit for MVFIA groups?


So we’ve been discussing various means of encouraging guys to participate in the MVFIA groups, we get loads of guys wanting to start but on average we get about 2 guys dropping out. This is usually because they have a “bad” day in the first week and don’t want to admit it so they just drop out.

One of the solutions was to ask guys for a deposit of £5 or £10 per group that would be refunded when they finished their 30 days. We’d just do it through PayPal so it could be refunded, but in the instance that you didn’t complete then you lose your £10.

What do you think?


Asking for cash is a bad idea.

I certainly wouldn’t want to put any cash in.


But to play devil’s advocaat (it’s Christmas innit) if you’re going to complete the group then there’s no risk. If you don’t plan to then it’s better to weed you out at this stage.


But there are other things than a bad day that can cause people to drop out.

Hit by a car, spend 2 weeks in hospital and lose £5/£10. Seems like a rough deal.


ermm in principle I wouldn’t have an issue with it. However I reckon it might cause unnecessary work at your end.

I can see how this would add a personal dimension and encourage the person to finish - but what about the case where that person who would ordinarily just drop out continues to post twice a day but isn’t arsed - they still get there £10 back but actually haven’t done it in the spirit it’s meant to be done in. Additionally that person might piss the other 4 guys off in the group??

How about instead of money changing hands (or not), you consider a potential sanction on the account? Just off the top of my head, if you don’t finish, restrict some actions that the account can do, such as not join another group for a week etc.

In order to do that you’d have to be able to analyse the data you have on drop out rates (which you seem to have) but also generally understand the reasons why guys don’t finish.

Hope that helps



Don’t think it would be as draconian as that @ChevalierTialys


Just playing devils advocate myself.


Who the bloody hell is this devil anyways :smile:


Would that be enough for you to remove yourself from the board entirely @ChevalierTialys?


I would still stick around on the boards but wouldn’t take part in the MVFIA.


May I ask what part of the idea is it you don’t like the sound of @ChevalierTialys ? Is it the giving of the cash or is it the potential of losing it? Is it not more about the pain of potentially losing your hard earned money will spur you on to drop even more weight and therefore complete the challenge?

There’s that frickkin devil again - AND HE’S GOT MY CRASH HELMET ON!!


It’s more that I don’t necessarily have cash to stump up and potentially lose.
£5/10 may not sound like a lot but to some people it is.


I think the groups could be bigger. Factor in that on average say two drop out so start with 6/7.


I appreciate that £5 can be a considerable amount of money to some people, but I think what Andrew is suggesting is that by causing a little bit of pain (£5/£10), it makes it even more personal. Now I don’t know what the thinking is behind this, but I suppose it may just act as a re-focussing tool.

At the end of the challenge you’d get the money back. It would essentially cost around £1 - £2 per week(ish).

You’re health is worth that, isn’t it?



I completely understand the concept behind it but like @bignorthernlad says it could cause unnecessary work to admin it. I appreciate that the setting up of groups and adding people is work in itself and takes time so the reduction of drop outs would be good. I also think putting some sort of other restriction would be a better way around it. Maybe also have an advocate who assists in managing the groups - setting them up, managing the members of it and being active across the groups encouraging the drop outs to try and reduce the amount of people that are dropping out and finding out why they are if they are.


I think you also need a “read me” about how to make the most of the groups. Talk about common reasons for people dropping out, why and when it happens, and how to avoid it.


Of course but I would rather have control over it myself than handing cash over.

Also there then comes the tricky point of what happens to the cash from people who do drop out?


It’s a fair point - so someone drops out. Does the cash stay in a pot and go to a men’s charity. That would make it fair I feel - always happy to help men’s charities where I can.

Alternatively, we could report @admin to the cops for fraud :smile:



Not a good idea. It would be just one more reason for people not to join in.


I am also against putting money into it personally, purely due to the fact that I just don’t want to.

The whole attraction to me is that I can just join one when I’m ready and for free - the fact that I get the money back after the 30 days isn’t really important as I am potentially tying up cash for a set amount of time.

I think the way forward is that anyone who drops out for no good reason should be withdrawn from future groups for a couple of months ?