What do you think about taking a deposit for MVFIA groups?


One other thing. Looking at the last weigh in thread about 25-30 people posted. I am not an admin and can’t see how many 30 day groups we have (and don’t want to do data mining on the sign-up thread), but it can’t be that many. I think the deposit would discourage people even more from participating.

As @Crispy put forth, just increase the group size to account for possible attrition. Not to mention people join gyms, buy exercise machines, books on diets etc. at a much higher cost than the deposit suggested and let it go to waste.

I am more of a rewards guy. I fixed @admin post to say “One of the solutions was to give guys an Amazon gift certificate of £5 or £10 per group that would be awarded when they finished their 30 days.” :wink:


Yes, I like that idea of carrot rather than stick.

You could find some partners who would be willing to “donate” one or two products for marketing and you give those away to the “biggest loser” in each group and then have a yearly prize for the person who completed the most groups or lost the most weight totally in the groups - though the latter may be better to work as a percentage of their end-goal as some need to lose 20kg and others 60-70kg+.


I can see the benefit of it, if you put £5/10 in at the start, you could technically just continue rolling it over onto your next 30 day event…so no loss, as long as you complete your 30days

There would need to be caveats where someone is unable to complete for a legitimate reason then a refund would be given, problem with this is it is open to abuse by excuse, this then open you up to more work and possible conflict, this then knocks onto peoples reviews, so on and so forth.

then there is the management of the system, a simple data base of username and paypal account address then you need to review that they have been posting, what if they miss a post or two, I think this could potentially be a lot of extra work for you/your team.

Then there is the perception, at the moment this is a community that is fairly unique where men are getting together to encourage each other. the fitness and diet market would appear to be only available to the female population, You have broken the mould with this project, I think you may chase some cynics away who would think that the deposit is just a way to make more money rather than be an incentive to dig in and keep pushing forward.

People will come, people will go, I think the fact that you are taking a different approach by your book and forum and app is to help people find their own incentive and system of achieving what you are hoping they will achieve. I think the deposit system would make it more complex than it needs to be and muddy the projects waters.

tuppence spent…


I think the How to get the most out of the MVFIA group thread is pretty much exactly that.


Yeah, I think that’s a good idea to have rewards for completing with the greatest % body weight loss. We need to be careful though as it can sometimes look like incentivising people to aim for massive weight loss.

Great to have your thoughts on this. We won’t be doing it because I want it to be an open forum for anyone and it could put people off if there was a “cost” to it.

I think what we will look to do in the New Year is trial a premium element where guys can support what we’re doing on the site, access dietitians and physios for instant professional advice and get some more tools for the site for a small weekly fee.


I think if the prizes are simple and not extravagant then it will incentivise people to lose weight but not make them crazy and not eat for a couple of weeks!


I also think that if I am unwilling to put my hands in my pocket to join, admin should also not have to do the same as a reward.

Biggest reward is a month of accountability


I think the biggest prize is the “new you” in the mirror. Nothing can beat that, and if that is not enough of an incentive no other reward will be enough to motivate people.

And that is what we are talking about, motivation. As they say “One can lead a horse to water, but can’t make it drink it”.

In any gym, diet etc. program people drop out. Heck, if we are losing only 40% of people in the 30 day groups, we are doing really well I’d say. In this link 73% of people quit after a while.


£5 is an expensive bottle of wine for me…I’m out! :wink: :smile:


I haven’t replied to this thread yet, so I’m going to cover two things:

  1. A deposit for the MVFIA groups.
  2. Funding the site in general, as I feel no Website can truly remain free. Servers and Band width cost cold hard cash.

Some guys on this website do not have a job due their health. They are permanently exempt from work by hospital consultants/doctors deeming them too ill to hold down a job. The Government would love to get them back into work, but have had to admit that some of the people they have previously deemed capable of work have died within six weeks of being declared fit to work.
The government now recognises this problem and provides these people with enough money to live on.
Nice you think, until you know that the Government thinks people can live on £70 to £100 per week, depending on the severity of their long term illness or disability, often including mental health and obesity complications. There are additional disability allowances, you can apply for, but these are harder to get than a lot of people think. Sometimes these “Extras” can take years of jumping through government hoops to qualify for, and can be taken away at the stroke of a pen, welded by a bonus driven case assessor.

These Guys might admit to a little ill health on here, but are never going to truly disclose their full health history as they wish to be treated as a normal bloke. A computer screen and a keyboard can hide a multitude of problems from the world.
Not everyone has a Paypal account. You have to have a credit card to start one up in the first place, or at least you used to have to when I started my account. Lack of personal funds is often the reason these men do not attend WW SW or other paid groups.
I would personally prefer to see adverts on the site, if it meant keeping access free to all. Then if you wanted, you could pay a small yearly membership to remove the adverts if they bothered you that much.
I hope my posting about this doesn’t upset people who are currently in this health/financial situation.


I’m one of those people who don’t have a PayPal account. Nor do I have any wish to sign up for one. I’ve also been in a group that’s reduced to me, myself and I, so I can see both sides. Adverts I can live with. Opt out option for the ads I’d consider… I’ve definitely benefited from the site… My preference would be to start with larger groups and see how it goes…


Ok while good on paper I don’t think the money is a runner.

I think groups of 6/7 would be good would end up as groups of 4 probably on average


I think I’m with @Jaxom and @tanks if you don’t have the self motivation to stick with a group I’m not sure loosing say £5 is necessarily going to act as incentive. on balance I’d say its more likely to put people off for the reasons already stated here. One of the great things about the site is it is free with no catches. I realise that in the real world this may not be sustainable in the long term but revenue via low level advertising wouldn’t be that intrusive - and opt out option would be ideal.
I’ve been in 3 30 day groups now and only managed to keep a full house once I think. Those of us that preserved still got a hell of a lot out of the process and as one of the posts on the site says “even a two man team can loose weight”


You could also consider a more personal approach to donations - along the lines of “if this site has benefited you, then feel free to donate to the upkeep” like what you see on Wikipedia and other free sites. I think a lot of us would be willing to donate a few quid to keep the site running in the long term and having some paid options would be beneficial.

@admin if you go down the advertising route as @Jaxom suggested then please keep the ads relevant and don’t do an adwords style site. You could even consider (with users permission) doing a weekly email newsletter “sponsored by ABC Company” with a plug for their products (without being a sales-letter). How would people feel about that?


I think the increase to 6-7 in a group sounds great.

Maybe a 25 day option as well.

I liked the idea of getting Ads to help support the site but have a Premium option of $25 per year for NO Ads, personal support, private coach and more resources.

So after your first 30 day team you want to go up a level to Premium you get a better experienced team with more Coaching. … Just an idea.

I think most of us like the badges maybe have other achievement badges as well.

We have all spent money to help us to loose weight on gym memberships, new exercise clothes, sneakers, fitbits, and better diets.
I think Ads would be best to monetize the site or an MvF Amazon shop to buy all the stuff we need.

Some of the Free Apps have been great such as myFitnessPal and Myplate that MvF could help promote or team with.

I do not like the idea of a deposit for the MVFIA groups for various reasons. I think more donation buttons would be good and have fund raisers when we want special guest or events.
Maybe a cover charge for a speaker in London could help raise some money. Meet ups, 5K run, Cooking classes might make this more real as well. A MvF cooking class to eat your way to healthy.

For Donations have “Would you pay $5, $1 or $.5 per Lbs to loose that weight?” Help fund MvF…


[quote=“mikechristopher, post:15, topic:4709”] Maybe also have an advocate who assists in managing the groups - setting them up, managing the members of it and being active across the groups encouraging the drop outs to try and reduce the amount of people that are dropping out and finding out why they are if they are.

Some groups already have old hands at the helms. Once they see the hours ticking by during the day with out a post by a member, they send out an ear-burn. Placing an @ symbol before the missing posters name will generate an email to them reminding them, that their bros on the group are missing them already.
Last month we had a huge influx of guys after that great newspaper article.
I expect we will have another one in January.
Due to the large influx a lot of new guys had to be put together with out an older more experienced buddy on the group. @admin is good at matching groups up, as he knows which guys stay the distance. Shan tries to mix and match to get the best groups passing the 30 day finish line.
In my last group all five guys passed the 30 day finish line. In fact we all went to 45 days as an experiment to see if it would work too. We were no angels and each of us fell off the wagon during that time, but our bros picked us up and helped us back on course.
As the old adage goes “There is no I in Team” you have to be willing to give a shout out to the guys on your team.
Understanding how the site works is also important. Knowing how to ear-burn a buddy, knowing that help is at hand if you ear-burn me @Jaxom , @jc247always , or @admin . Understanding the difference between bookmarking a post and flagging a post or how to link to a previous thread or post a funny picture to motivate and cheer your mates on helps.
These things only come with time though. The more you come on the site and read and post the more focused you become and the more success you have at losing weight.
Every 30 days that goes by sees me becoming a new slimmer guy. My friends are starting to notice that I am losing weight. I am making new good habits, lasting habits.
So don’t forget if you have a problem ask for help.
If your team goes down to one or two remember a smaller team can still be a winning team. We can also put two smaller teams together if too many drop out before 15 days are up. Okay you would have to start from day one with a new name but that would have to be better than struggling in isolation.
So if your team is having problems now @admin can parashoot someone in to help as a Big Bro for a couple of days.
But you have to ask for help. We are not going to drop in unless you invite us by ear-burning us.


And @ me too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Very well said

As far as help - if as you read the posts you see a little shield symbol next to the posters name - then they are a moderator and have all been around long enough and been through a few 30 day groups - just ask and we will be there to help :+1:


As a new boy , only joined my first group 29 days ago, I must admit the free to join aspect got me started. I am now hooked even though as of yesterday I think I am down to just myself. Admin also let me join a second group half way in when it looked like the first group was falling apart ,and that new group has 4 left in.

Point I would make is that the groups whilst great are only part of the deal on this site. The biggest thing the site has given me is accountability for my actions, that is a personal thing and no amount carrott/stick can take away that the decision to participate fully, or just play lip service , is down to the individual

As for cost I would be happy to pay a yearly subscription , but think it should always be after a free to join period. Perhaps the money raised could be used to provide a free place or 2 on a future boot camp around some agreed criteria


Hi, with all due respect, I don’t think you’ve covered the reason you say that most people drop out of the groups ie:

“This is usually because they have a “bad” day in the first week and don’t want to admit it so they just drop out.”