What do you think about taking a deposit for MVFIA groups?


I understand the value of using a small deposit as an accountability tool. It is a proven tactic.
Not against a fee but I do believe that it should include added value.

@admin I have an idea about this.


Ok - what do you think is the reason?


I have no idea.

Just saying though that you quoted a reason so surely it needs tackling?

From my personal experience I found week two really difficult when motivation decreased and considered dropping out but continued posting the bad with the good and hung in there.


I struggled in one of the groups. I didn’t feel that we engaged well. Daily posts became lists of our foods with little interaction, other than the occasional like. No one person was to blame, but it didn’t work.

That’s the issue with putting together guys with varying backgrounds and views.
Do you try to match people or is it random allocation?


I know what you mean - my last group was like that - dominated by 1 person who picked holes in everything and then pushed a book as the answer

Getting on better this time but no group has beat the 1st group i was in for team spirit :wink:


Are you able to send automated emails to group members if they don’t post for 24 hours?


It’s tricky but yes. I think that would be a good idea.


I’ve only ever had great interaction with my last and current group. Some like to list foods as I used to but now I post foods and feelings. Each to their own I say, whatever helps that person.