What do you think about the male menopause?



Experts say that many symptoms are caused by lifestyle factors or psychological problems:
Psychological problems can be brought on by work, money issues, ageing parents or relationship under strain.
And lifestyle factors can include lack of sleep or exercise, drinking too much alcohol, smoking or poor diet.”

If that’s the definition of a male menopause then I bet lots of blokes can relate to it. :disappointed_relieved:


I have it . Have to have testosterone injections every 3 months :smiley:


Seriously? Is that difficult? What happens if you don’t have them?


Am not bein funny but if thats what it is i dont think they shud call it menopause
Gettin in abit of a slump physically n mentally some of it which is life choices, aye yea i get it i got empathy…but its not the same as what women hav 2 put up with n cant hav no say over