What happens next

Hi … Might sound abit silly here but I signed up yesterday and got the welcome email and that I’m a waiting list … so just wondering what I do next … what happens now?
Thanks tom

Is that for the football?

Yes … I signed up to play football and been told I’m on the waiting list … now what do I do ? Sit and wait for somone to contact me ?

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I’m in the same boat mate, joined last Friday. Told I’m in a waiting list. Guess we just have to wait. I sent an email on Saturday asking if they could tell me my waiting list position but didn’t receive an email back so not sure. Guess we just wait haha.

I have no idea from the website how to find a league/team. I believe I registered for football last May? I’ve been waiting as well.

Good Morning Gentlemen,

Did you all get a resolve to your questions?

Kind Regards,

Dan Church