What have you eaten today? (Dec 2nd)

This one may or may not have been inspired by Cbeebies’ lunchtime song ahem

Today I’ve had Greek yog with granola, minestrone soup & crackers and am about to have a Sunday dinner (what else?!). Drinks have been 1x Pepsi max, 2x coffees and 1x tea…

Doesn’t look like a huge amount of food written down, but I’ve been busy and also had a nap (ahh, Sundays) and Greek yogurt is surprisingly filling

Breakfast: 4 scrambled eggs with chives, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes.
Lunch: Veggie curry with rice and flatbread.
Dinner: Cheese ploughmans sandwich.
Snack: Fulfil protein bar.
Water: Over 2 litres.

Had a bottle of Becks blue as well.

I’m on the train from Liverpool to London - if there’s a first class snack box, I’m having it. I’ll make up for it tomorrow if I do!