What is MAN v FAT Football FAQ?

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Australian? Ripper! You might be looking for the MAN v FAT Soccer FAQS. If so then click this link!

Before I start....

How do I lose weight?

Three steps:

  1. Understand why you got fat.
  2. Learn how to lose weight.
  3. Put a plan into action.

To achieve this you will need two things: information – you’ll get this from your player handbook, your coach, from your team’s WhatsApp group and from the forum at www.talk.manvfat.com and in the Player Dropbox at http://bit.ly/MVFFPLAYER.

Finally, you’ll need support – which you’ll get from your coach, other players, your team and the other men on the forum – and hopefully from your friends and family too.

Before you do anything else go and read this thread as it will almost certainly answer your questions - The ultimate new member welcome post

How do I know what my BMI is?

You can check your BMI for free very quickly and easily here. We can’t take anyone whose BMI is less than 27.5 - if you fall under that level then we’d love to support you here on the forum and you’re free to join a MVFIA group.

Is there a league near me?

All of the leagues that we have are listed on the league page just click on that find the nearest league to you and click on the marker. That marker will have a link to where you can join the league directly. Easy!

If we still don’t have a league near you then the simple answer is that we’re planning to bring leagues everywhere around the country but the way we do this is to start a Planned league. When this hits a certain number of players we get a local partner (usually the local football club) and between us we bring the league to your area. Signing up to a Planned League means that you will definitely get a place on the league. It also means that we’re one step closer to getting that local partner…

Can I come and see a league in action before I join?

If you look at the league page for the league you’re looking to join, you’ll see that there’s an option to email the coach to arrange a visit. We welcome players to come down and see what we’re up to and make sure they’d feel comfortable. Be warned though - we’ve never had anyone come down for a visit and not join!

How do I bring a league to my area?

Read this!

Can I join on my own or do I need to bring team mates?

More than 70% of our players join on their own, so you’ll be in good company. You can also join with friends, colleagues or family. It’s up to you. Once we have all the players we put them into balanced teams using a super clever algorithm we developed to ensure a good mix.

Can I be put on the waiting list for multiple leagues at once?

The only way to effectively be put on the waiting list for 2 or more leagues is to register for each one with a different email address, however it would require the registration fee being paid for each one. What you can do however is keep an eye on the leagues and if another one starts up near by you can ask to be transferred to that league. In order to do that - email football@manvfat.com and we can get that sorted for you.

I work shifts so might miss some games - can I still join?

Once you pay for a month of membership, that place is yours, even if you miss games - but bear in mind you can’t get credit for games you miss. To get the benefit of the structure, we recommend missing no more than four games in fourteen (the length of the average season). Each week you’re missing, we’ll send you an email to see how you’re doing. You can click a link to tell us you’ll be back the following week. If you don’t click the link, you’ll be marked as AWOL and if you’re marked as AWOL for more than three weeks with no contact, we may offer your space to a new starter, so make sure you let us know if you’re just away for a short while.

When is the deadline to join a league? What if a league has already started

Once a league reaches 80 guys then we start a waiting list for another league. If anyone drops out of the league then you can join the league that is already going at any point as the leagues automatically follow on, so you will be part of the new league as well. We fill these places in chronological order so the sooner you join up the more likely you are to get a place.

How fit do I need to be? What if I'm coming back from an injury?

This is by far the biggest concern that MAN v FAT Footballers have before they start. We’ve worked with so many guys, up to BMI 50+ and we know that it’s suitable for all types of fitness. So let’s put your mind at rest:

  • Each team has non-playing roles. You can join as a non-playing team member and no one will ever expect you to kick a ball throughout the whole league. You can still be a productive member of the team if you turn up and weigh in every week and lose weight. You’ll contribute goals galore that way

  • The games are slower. NB: Slower - not slow! Don’t think they’re not competitive - they really are and players put a lot of effort into the games, but these leagues are exclusively for men who want to lose weight - you will not be “the one fat bloke on the team”. Not going to happen. As a result the games are slower.

  • There are teams of 10. We play roll-on, roll-off subs, so if you’re tired, take a break! Be sensible and exercise at your own pace. You want to start slowly and build up over the 14 weeks. The worst thing you could do is push yourself too hard - that’s the way to aggravate injuries - slow and steady wins the race.

Lets go with this!

When is my Planned League going to launch? Why do I have to pay before it's live, can't you just email me when it's ready to go?

This is arguably the most frequently asked question we get. First of all, this is the way a planned league becomes a live league. When we have 30 guys signed up from a planned league then we approach a local partner (a football club, a local authority, a sports centre, etc). We then work with them to get 40+ (ideally 60+) men signed up. Once we have 30 guys we get the partnership going. Once we have the partnership we set the start date. If you want to influence how quickly all of this happens (which of course you would!) then read how you can help here. We should emphasise that most of the leagues that have launched have had one or two guys really pushing the league and that has made the difference.

Why can’t we just email you when it’s ready to go? The two part answer is that firstly there are a lot of administration fees and fees to cover player resources (like the handbook) in getting a league negotiated and set up - so we need to cover those costs. Secondly, we need to know that the players who are signed up are committed to getting things launched. We’ve tried it the other way and we get a lot of email addresses for an area and then when we try and launch the league a lot of the guys don’t respond, which leads to a stop-start, is-it isn’t-it approach which annoys everyone.

Please note that if we decide to cancel a league launch indefinitely, we refund your registration fee.

I've just joined up - what happens next?

First of all - as soon as you join up the system should send you a Welcome email which answers all of your questions. If you haven’t seen that email then check your spam folder as it will almost certainly be there.

What happens next is that before the league begins you’ll be added to a league WhatsApp group and given info about the registration session. The registration session is an entire week before the games begin and is so that you can meet your new team mates, give us the info we need (height, weight, etc) and ask any questions you might have (what boots I should wear, etc)

In short, don’t worry - we’ll be in touch before the league begins. If you want to check when your registration sessions is then have a look at your league homepage (info on how to find it below…)

When do I have to pay the league fees?

No money will be taken until the league starts. You will automatically be added to a monthly payment of £25 when the league starts.

I have just joined league N but want to transfer to League Z - How do I do this?

Drop an email to football@manvfat.com and we can get this sorted for you.

When is the registration session and what if I need to miss it?

The registration session is like this FAQ but in human form. It’s an opportunity for us to answer your questions, for you to meet your team mates and for us to take all of the data that we’ll be tracking through the season. You don’t have to wear football kit for the session as there is no actual games on this session.

If you can’t make the session because of work then don’t worry, please just arrive at least 30 minutes early for your first game and let your coach know. They will then do these measurements and give you all the information you need at that session. Obviously because you’re missing from registration it means that you won’t be able to score weight loss goals until the week after your first session.

I am in! What's next?

How long are the games?

The league consists of 15 weeks. 1 registration week where we answer all of your questions and get some info about you (weight/height/etc). Then 14 weeks of games. You play 1 game per week which is 30 minutes long (14 mins each way, 2 mins half time). You have 10 players on a team and roll-on-roll-off subs. You can of course join the leagues as a non-playing member of the team, in which case you only need to come to the weigh-ins each week and to support your team!

When does my league start?

All registration dates and game dates can be found on your league homepage. To find that simply head to the big league map and find your league. Click on the marker and in the bubble that appears click on your league homepage. The dates for the league will be at the top of the page and you’ll also see any other information that could be of use.

How do we win the league?

The league table is made of a combination of football scores and the bonus goals from your weekly weigh ins.

You can earn bonus weight loss goals by losing as a team (the more of you who lose, the higher the goal bonus), by losing for three weeks you get a hatrick, which is worth another goal and by reaching your 5% and 10% targets.

Be warned – you can also lose your team goals by going above your starting weight or by forgetting to bring your Handbook to the weekly weigh ins.

Never forget: the football is important but the most vital thing about the scheme is losing weight and getting healthier

How do I get a mate to join my team?

Get as many of your friends as you like to sign up at www.manvfat.com/football and make sure they enter the same league as you. Then drop us an email to football@manvfat.com telling us your name and your friend’s and we’ll ensure they are put onto your team. If you don’t request any members of your team then you will be put onto a team with a balance of positions and weights.

I'd like to sponsor my team's shirts, can I?

Yes, absolutely you can. We have sponsorship options for all teams and for the leagues as a whole. Drop us an email to hello@manvfat.com or call us on 0845 163 0042 and we’ll get it sorted.

Where can I see the league, fixtures, scores for my league?

Go to www.manvfatfootball.org Leagues page and then search for your league, click on the marker and one of the links is Go To League Homepage. All of the tables, results and fixtures will be on that page.

Where can I find the news about my league?

All of the news about your league will appear on your league page. Head to www.manvfatfootball.org and search for your league.

If you want to add news then head to https://talk.manvfat.com/c/sweating/mvf-football and post a message. If you use the tag for your league then it will appear on that page.

What should I wear for games?

Appropriate footwear with trainers or studs, ask at your location for full details of the best footwear for the surface. You must wear shin pads and remove all jewellery before games otherwise you will not be allowed to play. An official MAN v FAT Football kit is always a good look – www.shop.manvfat.com

What if I’m missing for a game? Or what if I'm injured?

Let your team captain know as soon as you know you’ll be missing and they can balance the team accordingly. We ask that if you’re well enough that you still attend the weekly weigh in which takes place before the game. This way you can still keep a track of your weight and if you’ve lost then you can still be a valuable member of your team - remember it’s about goals on and off the pitch!

If you’re wondering if it’s worth joining up because you’ll miss a few games with work, don’t worry. We can support you to lose weight even if you can’t make many games. Some players join as non-playing members (due to disability or mobility issues) - they still make a very valid and positive input without ever kicking a ball. The idea of the league is that it helps you to lose weight - the football is important but weight loss is more important. Give it a try.

How does the weight loss goal bonuses work?

Players must weigh BEFORE the game. If a player weighs after the game then they can get their weight but it will be recorded as a no-show (weight entered the same as last week’s) for the purposes of scoring – there are no exceptions for this.

Weigh in goal bonuses. Players can SCORE weight loss goal bonuses in three ways:

• Scoring Hatricks - three weeks of weight loss = one goal bonus given on the week it is achieved. This is taken from your lowest reading - e.g. if you weigh at 103, then go on holiday and go up to 106, then your weight loss bonus will start again at under 103, not 106. Another three weeks is another hatrick = one goal bonus. In total you can gain up to four bonus goals for your team in any one league this way.

• Team bonus – we count the number of players on your team who have lost weight in the current week and add a goal bonus:

1 or 2 players from your team losing = 1 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game.
3 or 4 = 2 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game
5 or 6 = 3 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game
7 or 8 = 4 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game
9/10/11 = 5 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game

• 5% and 10% bonus - once a player hits 5% weight loss they get a three goal bonus. At 10% they get another three goal bonus.

Weight loss punishment. A player can LOSE a goal for his team in two ways:

  • MAN v FAT Football Player Handbook. This handbook is used to record a player’s own progress but also to ensure that he is filling in the information for each week. If he loses his Handbook or it is not filled in then the Coach can give the player his weight for his own records but it will be recorded as a no-show (e.g. weight is given as the same as last week’s and therefore no loss is recorded).

  • Own goal – a player whose weight goes above his registration weight will lose his team a goal for each week until this returns under the starting weight.

How is the top scorer league calculated?

The Top Scorer table on your league homepage gives you the top 10 weight loss goal scorers in your league. You can calculate your total weight loss goals by visiting the “How does the weight loss goal bonuses work?” section above and adding all your accrued bonuses for your current season together. The total number of weight loss goal bonuses a player can receive in one season is 17. If you think that there is an error in this table then please contact your league coach.

What do I get with my membership?

Online and in person weight and fitness support
  • Routine, support and accountability

These are all extremely important when it comes to successful weight loss. A peer support network has been proven to be beneficial when losing weight. Simply put, having people you can turn to when times get tough and having the routine of weighing in every week will keep you accountable and on track.
And besides, how many times have you been successful on your own?!

  • Medical grade scales and all legally-required insurance

Our scales are Class III medical-grade scales from a professional manufacturer which supplies scales to the NHS. This means our scales are as accurate as can be.

  • Qualified professional trainers and dieticians

Here on the MAN v FAT Forum we have many professional trainers and dieticians who will answer any questions you have. You can also read through past questions and answers which are full of little nuggets of weight loss wisdom. Ask a PT and nutritionist anything here

  • Weekly 30 minute AQA sessions

The weekly Any Questions Answered sessions give you a regular, reliable time to get in touch with your coach online so you can chat about your week, ask any questions you have about the league and see how everyone else is getting on. Ask your coach for more details.

  • Handbook and resources

All MAN v FAT Football players receive a player handbook, where you can track your progress as well as your food intake. Over on MAN v FAT Progress you will also have access to many other resources, such as activity challenges, recipes and goal setting tools to help you maximise your weight loss.

Weekly league football
  • Weekly game

An organised game of football at your venue every week, including use of the pitch, balls and referees.

  • Qualified referees

Our referees are FA qualified and we are also partnering with the FA to provide training so that you can become a qualified small-sided football referee. Free places are limited, and any player that trains up will then have the opportunity to undertake paid work with MAN v FAT Football. Email hiring@manvfat.com for more information.

  • £10 million public liability insurance

Our public liability insurance means that you are covered for any claims you may make if you are injured on the pitch - other schemes may not have this, which leaves you at risk.

  • Trophies and medals

We offer professionally made, attractive trophies and medals to celebrate your success.

  • Weekly progress email

Get an email with a detailed breakdown of how you’re doing every week.

MAN v FAT Progress
  • Custom-built behaviour change platform

MAN v FAT Progress is our custom-built behaviour change platform, allowing you to track your progress, food and drink intake and activity levels to give you real insights into how you’re doing. You can also join a MVFP team and get support from other men trying to lose weight.

- Free for players (£13 per month otherwise)
- Exclusive expert webinars
- Recipes and exclusive content
- Member benefits worth over £200

MAN v FAT Extra Time
  • MAN v FAT Football 11s

We know that once you’re bitten by the footballing bug, you want MORE - and that’s what we want to give you. Inspired by the guys all across the country who have been organising their own 11-a-side games, we’re going to create nationwide opportunities for 11-a-side teams to play with other 11-a-side teams. This will give you the chance to play longer games on bigger pitches. We’re currently running a consultation to decide the best way of doing this, so if you’d like to give your say, you can do so here.

  • Exclusive chance to represent your country

We currently have MAN v FAT Football leagues in 4 countries - England, Scotland, Wales and Australia - with MAN v FAT Soccer USA in the pipeline too. If you’ve ever dreamed of representing your country on the pitch, now’s your time to show us what you’ve got. From 2020, we’ll be lining up in our very first MAN v FAT International championship.

  • Annual tournaments for top scorers

Are you man of the match every time? This is for you. We want to continue to celebrate excellent performance on (and off) the pitch and so we’ll be inviting top scorers from MAN v FAT Football leagues to face off against each other. This event will take the Top Scorer teams to a top-class facility and see them face off against other top performing teams across the country with a chance of being crowned the Top Scorer Champions and taking a trophy home to their league.

  • MAN v FAT Festival

Launching in Late Spring/Early Summer 2019, the MAN v FAT Festival is set to be an incredible celebration of weight loss and men’s health. There will be lots of football, organisations and companies and a whole load of fun things to do, so keep your eye on the blog for more details in the new year.

  • Exclusive prizes from the FA

MAN v FAT Football is officially endorsed by the FA, making us the only weight loss focused football league to work closely with the biggest name in English football. Starting in 2019, the FA will be giving us prizes for players, including match tickets. Look out for more info about this in the new year.

A global support network for men's health

MAN v FAT started life as a website and it’s here you’ll be able to find hundreds of articles, including practical advice and tips for losing weight, recipes, news, competitions and interviews. We work closely with lots of nutrition and weight loss experts plus big brands, but we have a low BS tolerance - no diet pills here.

We also publish regular Amazing Loser features, where we grill a man who has lost weight about the ins and outs of his weight loss.

  • World’s leading weight loss forum gives you access to experts

The busy MAN v FAT forum is packed with chat from men losing weight - that’s thousands of men who know exactly what you’re going through because they’re doing it too, plus there are nutrition and fitness experts available for you to talk to. Everyone here is trying to achieve the same goal, so it’s a great place to come for support.

  • MAN v FAT training gear gives bigger menswear options

Your support makes it possible for us to create high-quality MAN v FAT training gear. Visit the MAN v FAT Shop to view our selection - we’ve got kit bags, water bottles, beanies and t-shirts as well as the official MAN v FAT Football kit. Sizes go up to 6XL and kits can be personalised.

  • Podcasts with inspirational interviews

You can listen to our podcasts on Soundcloud, Spotify or via iTunes. Hit the subscribe button to get notified every time there’s a new episode. You can also follow our dedicated podcast Twitter account to keep up to date with the podcast guys - follow us here.

  • MAN v FAT social media channels to inspire and motivate you

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and hell, even Pinterest if that floats your boat. Add us to your social feeds and keep up to date with all things MVF.

How can I get support?
  • Weekly 30 minute online Any Questions Answered session with your coach
  • The MAN v FAT Forum - trained dietitians and exercise professionals as well as thousands of other guys
  • Your team and league WhatsApp groups
  • The MAN v FAT website for motivation and inspiration
  • MAN v FAT Progress for support from your Progress team and for smart learning about your diet
  • For payment queries, email payment@manvfat.com
  • For anything else, email football@manvfat.com
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How is the top scorer league calculated?

The Top Scorer table on your league homepage gives you the top 10 weight loss goal scorers in your league. You can calculate your total weight loss goals by visiting the “How does the weight loss goal bonuses work?” section above and adding all your accrued bonuses for your current season together. The total number of weight loss goal bonuses a player can receive in one season is 17. If you think that there is an error in this table then please contact your league coach.

How can I get support?
  • Weekly 30 minute online Any Questions Answered session with your coach
  • The MAN v FAT Forum - trained dietitians and exercise professionals as well as thousands of other guys
  • Your team and league WhatsApp groups
  • The MAN v FAT website for motivation and inspiration
  • MAN v FAT Progress for support from your Progress team and for smart learning about your diet
  • For payment queries, email payment@manvfat.com
  • For anything else, email football@manvfat.com