What is MAN v FAT Soccer FAQ?



Hi! This FAQ is for new (and interested) MAN v FAT Soccer players in Australia.

If your question isn’t addressed below then simply post your question below and we’ll answer it and add it to the list.

Before I start…

How do I lose weight?

Three steps:

  • Understand why you got fat.
  • Learn how to lose weight.
  • Put a plan into action.

To achieve this, you will need two things: information – you can get this from your player handbook, your coach, from your team’s WhatsApp group and from the forum at www.talk.manvfat.com and in the Player Dropbox at http://bit.ly/MVFFPLAYER.

Second, you’ll need support – which you’ll get from your coach, other players, your team and the other men on the forum – and hopefully from your friends and family too!

Before you do anything else go and read this thread as it will most certainly answer your questions: The ultimate new member welcome post

How do I know what my BMI is?

You can check your BMI for free very quickly and easily here. We can’t take anyone whose BMI is less than 27.5 – if you fall under that level then we’d love to support you here on the forum.

Is there a league near me?

You can see a list of current and planned leagues on the league page.

As of 2018, there is only one planned league: MAN v FAT UWA. Early in 2019, we plan to open leagues across Perth and Western Australia.

If we still don’t have a league near you in 2019, the simple answer is that we are planning to bring leagues everywhere around the state of Western Australia and the country, but the way we do this is by starting a Planned League.

When this league hits a certain number of registered (interested) players, we get a local partner (preferably local government) and between us we will bring the league to your area. Signing up to a Planned League will mean that you will definitely get a place in that league. It also means we will be one step closer to getting that local partner.

If you are interested in getting a league started in your area, contact timothy.budden@research.uwa.edu.

Can I come and see a league in action before I join?

If you look at the league page for the league you are looking to join, you’ll see that there’s an option to email the coach to arrange a visit. We welcome players to come down and see what we’re up to and make sure they’d be comfortable.

How do I bring a league to my area?

From early 2019 (late February to early April), we plan to open several leagues across Perth and Western Australia. Soon after, we plan to be able to provide leagues to the rest of the country. The leagues page on this site will give you a run-down on the leagues that are currently available and in development. If you’re interested in joining a league, but don’t have one near you, get in touch (info@sport.uwa.edu.au) and we’ll do our best to raise interest and open a league in your area. Get in touch if you’re a soccer club, company or local authority who wants to bring a league to your area.

If you want an idea of how it’s done back in the United Kingdom, read this! Our process might be a little bit different, but get in contact with us at info@sport.uwa.edu.au if you’d like to start working something out.

Can I join on my own or do I need to bring team mates?

In the UK, more than 70% of players join on their own, so you’ll be in good company here. You can also join with friends, colleagues, or family. It’s up to you. Once we have all the players we put them into balanced teams (using a super clever algorithm we developed to ensure a good mix).

When is the deadline to join a league? What if a league has already started?

Once a league reaches 80 guys then we will start a waiting list for another league. If anyone drops out of the league then you can join the league that is already going at any point as we plan for leagues to automatically follow on, so you will be part of the new league as well. We will fill all of these places in chronological order so the sooner you join up the more likely you are to get a place.

How fit do I need to be? What if I’m coming back from an injury?

This is by far the biggest concern that new players have before they start – and it’s an excellent question. MAN v FAT has worked with so many guys (with BMI’s 50+) and we know that it’s suitable for all types of fitness. Here’s why:

  • Each team has non-playing roles . You can join up as a non-playing team member and no one will ever expect you to kick a ball throughout the whole season. You can still be a productive team member by turning up and weighing in every week and losing weight . You’ll contribute goals galore that way.
  • The games are slower. NB: Slower, not slow! Don’t think they’re not competitive – they really are, and players put a lot of effort into the games, but these leagues are exclusively for men who want to lose weight – you will not be “the one fat bloke on the team”. Not going to happen. As a result, the games are a bit slower.

There are teams of 10. We play roll-on, roll-of subs, so if you’re tired, take a break! Be sensible and exercise at your own pace. You are going to want to start slowly and build up over the 14 week season. The worst thing you could do is push yourself too hard, too soon – that’s how you aggravate and injury – slow and steady will win this race.

Lets go with this!

I’ve just joined up – what happens next?

First of all – as soon as you join up the system should send you a Welcome email which answers all of your questions. If you haven’t seen that email then check your spam folder as it will most certainly be there.

What happens next is that you’ll attend a league registration session if the league hasn’t started yet. This registration is an entire week before the games begin and is so that you can meet your new team mates, the league coach, give us the info we need (height, weight, etc) and to ask any questions you might have (what boots should I wear, what are the rules, etc)

In short, don’t worry – we’ll be in touch before the league kicks off. If you want to check when the registration session is, then have a look at your league homepage.

When do I have to pay the league fees?

If you’re joining a subsidised league , the costs of this league have been covered by an external funder (e.g., local government) and means when you register you’ll still go through the payment process, but you’ll only pay a one off $10 registration fee. Not bad for 14 weeks of Soccer!

If you enrol in a league in its second season onwards, these costs will not be subsidised – and instead you’ll pay a $10 registration fee. The monthly league fees ($45/month) will not kick in until the league starts.

I have just joined league N but want to transfer to league Z – How do I do this?

In 2018, this won’t be possible.

From 2019 onwards, drop us an email at info@sport.uwa.edu.au and we can sort this out for you.

When is the registration session and what if I need to miss it?

The registration is like this FAQ but in human form. It’s an opportunity for us to answer your questions, for you to meet your team mates and for us to take all of the data that we’ll be tracking through the season. You don’t have to wear any football kit for this session, but we’d recommend you wear something similar to what you’ll wear when you play (for the weigh-in – you’ll want these to be consistent throughout the season). Chances are, every league is going to be slightly different, and the registration session will have some information that might only be relevant to that particular league!

If you can’t make this session because of work then don’t worry, please just arrive at least 30 minutes early for your first game and let the coach know. They will then do these measurements and give you all the information you need at that session. Obviously, because you’re missing from registration it means we won’t have registration weight to compare to and you won’t be able to score a weight-loss goal until the next session.

I am in! What’s next?

How long are the games?

The league consists of 15 weeks: 1 registration week (where we answered all your questions and get some info from you (height/weight/etc), then 14 weeks of games.

You play 1 game per week which is 30 minutes long (14 mins each way, with a 2 min half time). You have 10 players on a team and roll-on-roll-off subs. You can of course join the leagues as a non-playing member of the team, in which case you only need to come to the weigh-ins each week and to support your team!

When does my league start?

All registration dates and game dates can be found on your league homepage. To find that simply head to the league map and find your league. Click on the marker and in the bubble that appears click on your league homepage. The dates for the league will be at the top of the page and you’ll see any other information that could be of use.

How do we win the league?

The league table is made of a combination of game scores and the bonus goals from your weekly weigh ins.

You can earn bonus weight loss goals by losing as a team (the more of you who lose, the higher the goal bonus), by losing for three weeks you get a hat-trick, which is worth another goal, and by reaching your 5% and 10% weight loss targets – this will be automatically generated after your registration information is entered, we’ll let you know!

Be warned – you can also lose goals by going above your starting weight or by forgetting to bring your ( filled in!) Handbook to the weekly weigh ins.

Never forget: the soccer is important but the most vital thing about the scheme is losing weight and getting healthier – and having fun while you do it!

Where can I see the league, fixtures, scores for my league?

Go to the leagues page and then search for your league, click on the marker, and one of the links is Go To League Homepage. All of the tables, results, and fixtures will be on that page.

Where can I find the news about my league?

All of the news about your league will appear on your league page. Head to manvfatsoccer.com.au and search for your league.

If you want to add news then head to the forums and post a message. If you use the tag for your league then it will appear on that page.

How do I get a mate to join my team?

Get as many of your mates to sign up as you like at www.manvfatsoccer.com.au/Home/Registration and make sure they enter the same league as you.

Then, drop us an email at info@sport.uwa.edu.au telling us your name , and your friend’s and we’ll do our best to put them onto your team. If you don’t request any members of your team then you will be put onto a team with a balance of positions and weights.

Will I be on the same team next season?

Short answer is – not exactly!

We want you to make friends in MAN v FAT Soccer, and as in the item above – you can join with your mates. The relationships you build with your teammates and the support you get is what will help you lose weight, sharing a goal with guys just like you.

However, we want to prevent super teams from forming over a few seasons. We want new players who join not to be overwhelmed by one or two teams that dominate on the pitch (although fully encourage being competitive!) season after season.

This means that we will shuffle up teams each season, and you’ll get to play with a slightly different group of people (and maybe, learn new tricks!). Don’t worry though, you will be able to register a preference with your league coach if you want to keep one or two of your mates on your same team.

What should I wear for games? What about team shirts?

Appropriate footwear with trainers or studs. Ask at your location for full details of the best footwear for the surface. You must wear shin pads and remove all jewellery before games, otherwise you will not be allowed to play.

We’re in the process of getting official MAN v FAT Soccer kit developed. They have it in the UK – you’re more than welcome to order this kit with your teammates if you’d like to, but you don’t have to!

We expect to roll out our own Aussie kit in 2019. For now, you’ll get a team colour at the registration night – it’s expected that you rock up wearing something that colour, so your teammates can easily identify you on the field.

What if I’m missing for a game? Or what if I’m injured?

First, let your team captain know as soon as you know you’ll be missing and they can balance the team accordingly. We ask that if you’re well enough that you still attend the weekly weigh in which takes place before the game. This way you can still keep a track of your weight and if you’ve lost then you can still be a valuable member of your team – remember, it’s about goals on and off the pitch!

If you’re wondering if it’s worth joining up because you’ll miss a few games with work, don’t worry. We can support your to lose weight even if you can’t make many games. Some players join as non-playing members (due to disability or mobility issues) – they still make a very valid and positive input without ever kicking a ball. The idea of the league is that it helps you to lose weight – the soccer is important, but the weight loss is more important. Give it a try.

How do the weight loss goal bonuses work?

Players MUST weigh BEFORE the game. If a player weighs after the game they can get their weight but it will be recorded as a no-show (weight entered the same as last week’s) for the purposes of scoring – there are NO exceptions for this.

Weigh in goal bonuses. Players can SCORE weight loss goal bonuses in three ways:

  • Scoring Hattricks – three weeks of weight loss = one goal bonus given on the week it is achieved. This is taken from your lowest reading – e.g., if you weight at 103, then go holiday and up to 106, then your weight loss bonus will start again at under 103, not 106. Another three weeks is another hattrick = one goal bonus. In total you can gain up to four bonus goals for your team in any one league this way.

  • Team bonus – we count the number of players on your team who have lost weight in the current week and add a goal bonus:

1 or 2 players from your team losing = 1 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game
3 or 4 = 2 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game
5 or 6 = 3 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game
7 or 8 = 4 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game
9/10/11 = 5 goal bonus added to the score of that week’s game

  • 5% and 10% bonus – once a player hits 5% weight loss they get a three goal bonus. At 10% they get another three goal bonus.

Weight loss punishment. A player can LOSE a goal for his team in two ways:

  • MAN v FAT Soccer Player Handbook. This handbook is used to record a player’s own progress but also to ensure that he is filling in the information for each week. If he loses his Handbook or it is not filled in then the Coach can give the player his weight for his own records but it will be recorded as a no-show (e.g., the weight is given as the same as last week’s and therefore no loss is recorded).

  • Own goal – a player whose weight goes above his registration weight will lose his team a goal for each week until this returns under the starting weight.

What if I have any other problems or questions?

Put a message on this forum. Ask your team’s WhatsApp group. Speak to your coach. Between these three, any problem can be solved.

What is MAN v FAT Football FAQ?

Is there any age restrictions or age groups that are used??


Hi Lugosanto,

There are no ‘age groups’. Any man aged 18 or older is welcome - our first league at UWA has an 18 year old on the same team as a 70 year old.

We’re looking forward to 2019 - we’re opening several more leagues of MAN v FAT Soccer across Western Australia, so hopefully we can see you in a league soon :slight_smile: