What is your Goal Weight?


What is everyone goal weight and how far off are you to reaching it?

My goal weight is currently (I saw currently as I know things may change) 224lbs to bring me to the lowest I have been in I dont know how many years.

I still have 89lbs to go to hit that target


My current goal weight is 88kg/194lb to bring my just into the normal range on the BMI scale.

After that I will probably aim for 82kg/181lbs for a solid middle of the scale.


@mikechristopher I agree that the “goal” changes as you go along , mine ceratinly has. I originally wanted to get to 224 lbs by April am now tipping at 220 so re-set my new goal to 210 by April and 199 longer term

Thats a hell of a target you have set yourself there fella but I am sure with your current motivation and the support of everyone on MVF you will achieve it


My goal is 181lbs for no other reason than I fancy being 12st something - in this case 12st 13lbs. I’m currently 215lbs so 34lbs to go.


Short-term I go for 5kg increments down, medium term is 90kg and long term is around 80kg - I’ve never been that low so I have no idea how I’ll look/feel but it’s within the “healthy BMI” but we all know what kind of BS BMI is, so who knows. At the moment I’d be happy to get sub 100!


hey @mikechristopher

Not set in stone, but would like to be 13st 7lbs. Currently at around 14st / 14st 1 lb. So about 8lbs to go.

After that I might well look at 13st - but I might look ill at that weight - I’m fairly wide and short!!



My ultimate goal would be to get in the normal BMI range. But that’s a long way off. Like others I have short term goals of getting off the next 5lbs. Medium term I have goals of getting to where I was at previous points in my life.

I’m just coming to the end of my first MVFIA 30 days. I’ve found the contact and accountability very helpful and my next goal is to do another 30 days.

In business people talk about writing SMART goals.

Results focused
Time bound

When like me you’re looking at an ultimate goal that is so far away it is daunting, then it can be actually be destructive.

Getting through the next 30 days with specific commitments on diet and exercise is SMART. I think having some goals which aren’t just weight based will help me to continue with weight loss. In the past when I’ve failed to meet a specific target I’ve become disheartened and that contributes to me giving up.


That’s one of the biggest reasons we fail - because the goal is so far away it seems impossible and we quit if we don’t see BIG results. Setting smaller targets allows us to achieve them easily(ish).

If you try and climb a mountain you’ll see how high it is and give up, but if you find the stairway up you’ll see it’s achievable (small steps to get to your end goal).


I’m heading for 195lbs, just under 14 stone, and an okay BMI. (Although did I read something last week that the validity of BMI as a measure is now being questioned?).

I’ve not been at that weight since…well too be honest I can’t remember. I’m 50 now, so it was a lot of years ago.

Good start in Team Alive in January, February is harder for a number of reason, but now with Team Vespa, and we’re working hard!


@bignorthernlad , you might always be short mate but you will no longer be wide


I’ve said for a number of years now that I’d like to break through the 14st barrier and go from there.

In the short term, I’m 6lb off my 18st barrier!


sub-80Kg would be great. low 70s stuff of fantasy but I was there once upon a time :wink:


Excellent work @thesquarebit long road ahead, but you’ll get there with all the support of everyone on here fella.


Sub 16 stone.
I’m 6"5’ so cannot go too low.


Ha ha

I’m currently one of them!!

Still trying to get to 5’ 9" :smile:


I’m getting all philosophical now, but do we give up because we can’t reach the top of because we are tired and stumbling on the particular steps we’re on. Probably both.

In other walks of life I tell people that in order to enjoy being on top of the mountain you have to actually enjoy climbing the thing. We have to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. It is finding ways of making the journey enjoyable that’s key.


A good point. I know I’m still going strong because I’ve allowed myself cheat days - not that I always use them - it’s good to know that I don’t have to stay too strict and be all or nothing, which is where I’ve failed in the past beacuse the diet is not enjoyable.


My Goal as of now is to get to 80kg. 75kg would be better, but 80kg was my first goal when I was 103kg.


13 ish stone would be nice. I have been going up and nearly down 2 to 3 stones over the past twenty years.


At 5’9" I’m not really sure what I should weigh. 180 lbs sounds good to me but maybe someone out there can give me a little guidance on this . I started three weeks ago at 219lbs and I’m down to 214lbs. I’ve set April 16 to get down to 200 lbs. and hope to be at 180 by the end of June.