What is your Goal Weight?


Well, I am at 180 or so, but 6’, so I’d say 160-170 would be a good range for your height.


Spot on. Though since taking it seriously a few months ago I’ve lost 18lbs, which isn’t bad!


Right now, my goal weight is 175lb which is just into the so-called normal BMI range.

I have no idea how I’ll feel physically when I’m there, but I know I won’t be skin and bone, or look ill, because I’ll have got there in a controlled manner.

Once I’m there, I’ll reassess to decide whether I want to go further. I suppose the other consideration will be body fat. I’ll need to get that into the healthy range too. That’s going to take some more exercise than I’m doing at the moment.


Thanks Tanks…


I guess that BMI drives my long term goals, but short term goals are always measured in half stones. So right now I’m aiming for the next half stone down, then the next, then the next.

But longer term, I want to move from well into Class II obese down to a BMI of below 35, and therefore (only!) Class I obese. In broad terms that means going from over 20 stone to 16 stone. I’m setting myself a target date of end of 2016 to do that. So 4 stone in 2016.

By the end of the following year, I want to be merely overweight, albeit at the top end of the scale. That means getting down to 14 stone. Target date end of 2017.

Then, assuming that I can get a lot more active, another 2 stone in 2018, bringing me into the “normal” weight range for possibly the first time in my life.


12 stone. 3.5 to go. Lost 6.5 stone so far. Slowed down this month will miss my MVFIA goal this month if I don’t pull my finger out thanks to a week in the US.


I’m 6’ 0" and at 198 now am aiming for 180 lbs; so I think @tanks is correct in his estimation.


Still time to go @CatManDo you can do it :grinning:


@CatManDo. I hate being away. It just screws everything up. I was away last week and have lost serious ground and probably won’t hit my team goal this time. Going up two pounds is a lot worse than it sounds; you have to lose that, then what you should have lost whilst away, then what you’re due to lose whilst repairing the damage. Think I’ll become a hermit for a few months…


Know exactly how you feel @miniwomble


I think you are putting yourself under undue pressure. When I started to lose weight starting at 202 pounds it was never I want to be XXX weight by a certain time. It was to get to under 200, under 195, under 190, etc., etc. until I hit my goal weight/BMI. The important thing was to have a downward trend in my weight loss journey. Yes, at times it was frustrating I hit plateaus, but I survived it by pushing through it.

You lost 20+ pounds to date, 2 pounds is equivalent of a trip to the bathroom ;), nothing to be discouraged about. My weight can fluctuate 2 pounds in a day. Becoming a hermit would be counter productive, hang in there.


If I don’t plan to be xx by yy then it is an aspiration not a goal. A degree of pressure is required in order to achieve something and not to procrastinate. Having said that, I agree, I’m not going to beat myself up because I gained a bit of weight or lost a bit of time. But it sure is annoying!! :wink:


There speaks a psyllium-user :grin:


@miniwomble. Hello mate. Hope all is good. Let’s get back on track. I’ve had a good weekend and have bought the rowing machine downstairs again in front of the TV so no excuses. I have no events on the social calendar this week so all looking good.


All good @CatManDo, you too I hope. Back to basics this week. Two good days on the trot now, just need to string a few more together.


Goal 90kg from a max of 148
Still at the depressingly early part of the journey :slight_smile:


Hi, so, was kind of shocked to see the scales firmly over 16 stone about a fortnight ago. I’ve been building up to it but my goal is to get to 14 stone…


I just want to be double figures in kg so 99 is my target, I’m currently at 159 so a loooong way to go


Goal is 14st (196lbs), started trying to lose before I joined this and was at 20st 6lbs back in Sept (286lbs).

Currently 19st 7lbs (273lbs).

It’s a long road for many of us but we can get there.


I’m also trying to get to 14 stone. Currently 16…