What is your Goal Weight?


Started on November 1st at 300lbs (21st 6lbs) now I am down to 259lbs (18st 7lbs)

I set an initial target to get to 209lbs (14st 13lbs) which is achievable this year. Once I get there I will look at the target again and probably aim to get to 12 - 13 stone.


@Brickhouse - 14st 13lbs - that’s my target weight this year as well! you will get there!


I started last November about 228 lbs and I am currently 211 lbs. My goal is 185 lbs by this November, but I am falling a bit behind and have been stagnant for about a month.


When I started this journey it seemed like an achievable target and being less than 15 stone is something I have not been for years and I have aspired to be <15st for as long as I can remember.

I have no doubt that I (and you) will get there. Once I do I will start to fine tune!


I started at 114kg last August with an initial goal of getting back to the weight I was when I got married of 88kg.

I’ve just achieved that and now weigh 86.8kg :slight_smile: Next target is to get in the healthy zone for BMI which means I need to get to 78kg, hope to do that ready for summer.


My starting weight was 320 lbs. Currently at 307. My goal is 160 lbs.


Plateaus (plateaux?) happen. As long as you’re doing the right thing you’ll bust through them. In the meantime, take a look at what you’re doing, and make sure you’re satisfied that you are doing the right thing.

Have you done a health check? Do you know what your BMR is? Have you got your eating week structured for your needs?


I started out at 324 lbs (@23st for you UK guys) early Jan & am down to 310. I’m 62 and have been down (and up!) this road many times in the past over the past 40 years. To the extent I have a goal it’s more to be able to put my socks on easily again! Weight wise I suppose I have a medium term goal of 250 lbs (18 st) but I’ve using the short term staged goals of a few lbs at a time. My ancillary goal is to try to lose slooowly (without becoming discouraged) and keep hydrated to try to avoid the loose skin issue. At my age now I’m not too sure how much elasticity the old bod has. Basically, i’ve just given up foods with added sugar (cake, bread, sweets, fast food (:cry:)- anything where sugar content is higher than fibre content) and upped the exercise.


Nice loss @JLHS. I don’t know about you but at 58, I don’t seem to have the same get up and go as I use to. That’s the great thing about the groups. I usually get the coaxing I need to exercise regularly. Are you in Canada…US?


HI Spinner. I’m in Canada - Prov of Ontario. In my (unfortunately extensive) experience diet and exercse are both essential - like Laurel and Hardy. My wife and I work on our cardio together every day on machines in our basement which I gifted us with one year as a Christmas present. Having a tv there with access to all the wonders of internet viewing keeps us from getting bored. I have a membership with Goodlife gyms (holdover from an earlier “healthy” period) as well. But I’m holding off going back until I’m at least uder 300 lbs (21 st). Last visit (at the 324 weight) I was well turned off when I discovered I was too big to fit into one of the weight machines. No one, of course, noticed (like heck - but all were too gracious to give any overt sign). But still, I’m not going to repeat experience until thinner). It’s the dead of a typical Canadian winter here so unless one is into snow sports (which I’m not) it’s all indoor activities till Spring.


My goal weight is 85kg so I have 15kg to lose


Started at 131kg (20st 8)
Currently 119kg
Target for now 110kg

Target long term 100kg but I’d settle for remaining below 110!


I thought I’d remembered putting my goal weight in this thread.

I weighed in this morning at 77.9kg, goal weight, completed it mate :blush:


Well done fella


My current weight or starting wait is 250 lbs. Getting that more in the 200 range would be a goal to spend the better part of a year achieving.


Great thread, and some inspirational replies.

My goal weight is anything under 196lbs (14stone). If I see 13xx on the scales, I’ll be a happy man.

Currently hovering around 230lbs.


I know it is an old post but i thought i would say hello to a fellow Canadian and Ontarian. As far as your goals - bon chance!


I’ve just signed up today looking forward to getting started.
My target long term would be anywhere between 15 ans 16 stone, currently around 19.5 stone so a long way to go.


Best of luck Mick. It’s a life long journey, no rush eh.


@JLHS I hear ya, when we get winter it severely limits what can be accomplished!
As for what my goal weight is, I’m not sure, as my BMI goal should be 190 but at 6’7" that seems a tad to light (I don’t want to be a toothpick!) so for now, my goal is to reach 230 before the end of the year.
With an eventual goal being maybe 210.we shall see once I get there. Maybe 190 wouldn’t be unreasonable.