What is your Goal Weight?


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This is such a strange subject. According to the weight / height chart I should be 80KGS. I was actually that when I was 12! My “fighting” weight is 95KGS and, believe me, I look lanky and thin at that. I have fooled every fairground “I’ll guess your weight” since I was a teen.

I am 105KGS and want to get to 95KGS again - the last time I was that was for my 2nd wedding in 2012 which was featured on 4 Weddings (that’s whu I lost the weight.

That all said, my (15 years younger) wife who parachutes for a hobby want to take me for a tandem and I need to be below 100KGS for that. I have never enjoyed eating so much since she told me that!


Not sure what mine is yet, just joined and waiting for things to happen, I’ll be taking some steps before the next league begins to get more mobile than i am now. Really looking forward to being part of this fantastic initiative.


I started over 19 stone , I’m now mid 15’s and wanted to get down to 14 stone. I now believe I’m going to beat that but I really want to get to a healthy weight I can maintain. Although coming up for 50 in a couple of years I wouldn’t mind getting some muscle so I believe once under 14 I will work on fitness more than weight loss and the loss will come anyway.


I didn’t have a goal weight before I started. Now after three weeks I have reached my 5% which has spurred me on to smash the 10% . I was never concerned about my weight until our second child came along and all the running around began to take it out of me . Now the three weeks have passed I would like to be around 16 stone which is a big step from the 19 /20 which I have been


Just looked at what I put as my goal weight back in February (3 months after joining ManvFat).

I am well in the way now at 16st 12lbs from 21st 6lbs in November.


Good going @Brickhouse you must be starting to feel a lot better and folk will be noticing it. Well Done


Feel so much better and fitter than I have in years.

Recently started running and you are right people are noticing and making positive comments.

Also having to replace my clothes constantly.

Had another clear out of tops and shirts today!


I started tracking my calories, and reducing my intake when I was at 250 lbs. Though I will admit, I’m not entirely certain that’s the case, as a recent doctor visit said I had lost weight. But I’ve been around 250 for most of my life, so that’s where I assumed I was.

My current goal is to get to 180 lbs. My first weigh in, was 2 weeks after I started and I was at 215. Then, a month later, I was at 232. I haven’t done a third weigh in yet, but I’m planning to do so tomorrow or Thursday.

I might not stop at 180, but that’s my current objective.


I’m trying to get down to 85KG/13.5 St from 112KG. Currently stuck around 102KG. Lost the first 10KG quite easily by starting running and doing a couple of 10K runs. Went to Orlando, came back heavier. Wasn’t allowed on a water slide at Volcano Bay because there’s a weight limit of 200lb/14st so that’s my aim for if I get to go again!

I know I must’ve been 85KG at some point, but I don’t know when it was!


Started at 300lbs.

Currently at 230lbs.

My aim is to get below 200lbs and then reassess.


Im trying to get to 200-205 lbs. I feel best at that weight.

I also want to be better conditioned for sport


Interesting - old thread here and I posted many many months ago last year…now seems like a good time to re-affirm my new target. Here’s the history…

Jan 2016 - 246lb
Aug 2016 - 196lb
Dec 2016 - 190lb


July 2017 - 204lb
Oct 2017 - 189 lb
Dec 2017 - 182lb


I want to be something sutible to my build, because I been speaking to more and more people about my bmi and why its so high, however when you have calves the size of most peoples thighs, and basically they are pure muscle, it makes it difficult, also I got thighs which chris hoy would be proud of. im a very short but very wide person, im fortunate to built okay, I would just like to get rid of the moobs and belly, the rest will fall into place, however I have noticed how much spare skin I have on my upper arms, as I have lost weight


Those look like very realistic goals - more power to ya!


Started at 131kg
Got to 118kg in June but rebounded
Currently 121kg

Aiming for 110kg by Xmas as expecting a new baby in the new year and when I’m really heavy I have no energy

Would love to be 105kg at any stage


At present, I’d like to be 15 stone although apparently that would still make me overweight according to my BMI.

I’ve 2 and half stone to go yet before reaching that milestone.


Started at 124kgs(273lbs) and currently at 109kgs(240lbs) coming to the end of week 12. I want to get to 15 stone so only another 30 lbs to go!


Currently 284 (02/09), was 300+ earlier this yr. Goal is under 200.


I want to be 83.5kg by 31.12.17.
Down from 125kg, I am currently 93.1kg.
43 years old 183cm tall.