What is your Goal Weight?


I just want to be 15st or under (not too much to ask is it?!), currently 18st and just starting out. If i can get to my goal by Feb next year I’ll be happy


I started out at 16 stone 6, and am just a shade under 6 foot tall.

My BMI target was always between 9st 10lbs and 13 st 3lbs which i always felt was totally unachievable and that I’d look utterly ridiculous at that weight so set myself a target of 14 stone.

Last week I hit that target, and I’m still fat. I obviously look a hell of a lot better for it and feel great - but still have moobs, still have excess weight around the belly and still have a second chin - maybe BMI isn’t such a bad measure after all.

I lost 10% of my bodyweight in Season 1 of MvF and plan to hit at least my 5% target next season. If I can keep losing 5% every season then I’ll be delighted and hope to end up somewhere between 12.7 and 13 stone and sustain there - but we’ll see how that target moves in the future.


Well done on your loss, but what you say above seems so true to me. I’ve seen others reach their target and then realise they need to move it. I’ve lost quite a bit but still got a way to go. Comparing what I’ve lost with what I still have left I know I need to get my BMI below 25 before I’ll look right.


I’ve got my eye on 73kg (11.5St) which would be a drop from about 107kg (17St). Currently at about 95kg (15St) and I stand at 175cm (5 foot 9 inches) and rather hoping to get there by Easter '18.


New goals.

Goal 1 - 250lbs (-28lbs) by NYE.

Goal 2 - 1 full press up by NYE. (weakling)


My goal weight is 234lbs. I have 149lbs to go but I am just starting out. But I will get there.


Hey guys

I started this manvfat thing 2 years ago. Started off at 15st 8lbs and lost 20lbs quite quickly - realised that losing weight was a breeze and that I felt I could just ‘crack on’. And crack on is exactly what I did - all the way BACK UP to 15st 12lbs.

Currently just finished my 1st group again, which I started at 15st 9.5lbs and dropped 8lbs which roughly takes me to 15st 2lbs.

Target is to be 13st 7lbs by July 2018 as we’re celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in the dominican republic and want to feel and look great.


I started out just over two years ago and managed to lose 60lb, which pretty much staggered me.

I’ve been plateau’d for most of this year but I want to get down to 12 stone, and then see how it feels. I’m currently at 12st 8lb, but I can still grab a decent handful of belly fat (no, it’s not loose skin).

When someone says “You should stop now”, I do that to show them.


Completely new to the forum. I’m currently at 288llbs. At the moment, my goal weight is 199llbs however once I get close to that it will be a lot more about fitness. I was 297llbs 3 weeks ago when I stepped on the scale at the gym and thought ‘geez’.

When I was at uni I got up to about 285llbs and over around a year i managed to get down to 215ish. Then plateued, joined the world of work and over the past 5 years I’m back where I started.

Now I want to finish the job and make it last.

To begin with, I’m just counting calories using MFP, done a few classes at the gym trying to find the right level and a few medium length bike rides.

Hoping the site gives me some motivation and tips.



@georger92 Welcome to the forum.


I’m shifting the goal posts again, I’m going to aim for 250 lbs by 1st December and at worst maintain up to NYE.


My realistic goal is around 16st, because I don’t think I’ve been below that as an adult (I’m about 30lb away).

However, between 200 and 210 lb has a real ring to it…


Im currently 270lbs (19.4 stone)and would like to lose 70lbs to get to a comfy 200lbs (14.4 stone).


I’m currently weight in at 21 stone would like to get down to 15 stone. I was 24 stone so lost 3 stone by myself but then crash off diet ect. Now I’m new to man v fat I’m determined to lose weight and get to 15 stone, just waiting for league to come to gloucester


Im current 105kgs and would love to be below 90kgs. To be honest I want to be fitter and fit into my clothes comfortably again.


I don’t really have a goal weight. I have a goal of getting below 20kg of body fat, on my Dexascan I had 62kg of body fat. If I manage to get there without any change in my lean mass then I shall weigh 98kg however I would like to increase my lean mass a little.


So currently 128kg down from 139kg aiming for 100kg which puts me a shade under 16 stone I think.
Target date is 30-6-18. Which gives me about 20 weeks to shift 28 kg.

So 1.25kg per week may seem excessive but I like a challenge.

The first 11kg have come off since returning from the uk after Christmas.
Plenty of work to do but bags of motivation to do it.

It will happen!


Was 276lbs
Now 236lbs
Target 209lbs

That will mean below 15 stone for the first time in a long time…

Then 189lbs for a healthy BMI.


Was 210lbs
Now 203lbs
Would like to be 180lbs


1.25kg isn’t that excessive, is it?
I averaged 1.10kg last season in MvF and I was out for 3 weeks with broken ribs.

3 weeks of this season current average is 1.6kg.