What is your Goal Weight?


Hi New member here :wave:

My goal is change how I look, I will have numbers in mind when I start progressing. But I want to be able to look at pictures of me and like looking at myself, usually I just look at them and wonder what my wife sees.

I also want to improve my fitness and on that front I have started running and entered 1-2 events each month this year so I have something to keep training for on a regular basis, don’t want to have wasted money on entry fees and as most now come with medals for completion I can view them as something earned for my efforts.


Hello All. Joined 4 weeks ago. At registration I weighed in at 120.8kg. Not sure if this is wishingful thinking but have given myself a target of breaking (trying to at least) 100kg. At my last weighing 19th Feb 2018, I was 115.6kg so heading in the right direct. I already feel better about myself. So many inspirational people on here that drive you on. Keep going all & good luck👍


I have just stumbled on this by accident. I don’t remember posting this and I have fallen far too short of it.
Not happy with myself recently.


No it isn’t wishful thinking.

I started at 125.5kg, joined MvF at 120.6kg & currently 106.2kg.

The aim in the next 9 weeks is to get to 95kg.

So keep up the good start you have made.


Hi Darren.
My aim is to dip under the 100kg mark before the end of this 14 weeks.


Getting it down in writing makes me accountable!

I’m currently 220lbs and I’d like to lose 50lbs if I can! Would like to lose a stone and a bit before my Wedding (Start of June)


At 98.2kg today (highest ever 125kg ---- got down to 89.9kg a couple of months ago) I have faltered quite badly.
Back on it though and am aiming for 85kg for the beginning of July. That was meant to be where I am now but I let things get out of control.
I am back in the mood for it now so I can do this.


Hi All Hope you are all well & good.
Just ended my 6th week in ManvFat. As of this week I am 112kg. I started at 120.8kg so a loss of 8.8kg.
I’ve started going to the gym at least twice a week for at least 90 mins at a time doing mainly cardio work ie cross trainer,Rowing machine,bike & treadmill. Also looking to join the Park Run scheme near me. Hate running but I watched people do it last week & thought if they can why can’t I.Any advice for this novice runner thanks.


How long did it take you to get from 125kg to under 100kg?


google couch to 5k there are training plans to help you get from novice to 5k in i think about 9 weeks
https://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/get-running-with-couch-to-5k.aspx and if you have a good running shop nearby they can give advice on shoes and often assess your gait to assist with this, good luck


I don’t know. I kept trying and faltering and trying again and giving up etc…My records show that I was 125 in Oct 13. So 4.5 years in total but it wasn’t until I found MVF that I really started going for it with a real drive and focus.


Clearly I am not going to hit 95kg by the end of the season. 5 weeks left and only at 104.4kg.
BUT we have lost weight every week.

The goal right now is 101.6kg. Look it up in stones. Yep it will mean 4 stone gone in 8 months.

We will reassess from there.


I did set a target (whether that was too optimistic) of breaking 100kg. I first weighed in at 120.8kg as of last Monday weighin day I was 112kg so a loss of 8.8kg which i’m quite proud of myself for achieving.
Breaking 100kg would mean losing 44lb in 14/15 weeks Which is the length of this season. I’ll be re-signed for the next season so hopefully will reach my target within that time scale. I get a bit lost in all the Carbs v Protein stuff but do watch the calories I eat now I give myself 1800 Cals limit a day.
The target I have set myself now is the 10% weight loss which is 108.8kg & anything below will be an added bonus. Good luck & have a Good Easter :hatching_chick:. As i’ve Probably said before each & everyone of you are an inspiration :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


80 kg, which for my height is a BMI of under 25 (just!)


Just joined the ROCHDALE League and looking forward to losing some Timber
1st goal
18.5 Stones for holiday June 18th
Currently 21 stones
I think I can do it I’m 53 my bones crack and ache but used to play rugby ! Can do bleep test to 7 still !
So 35 pounds to go …


Just completed week 11. As of weighin last night 23 April 2018 I weighed in at 108.6kg.
In doing so hitting my 10% loss which I am over the moon about. I first weighed in at 120.8kg so a loss of 12.2kg.
Also had an email inviting me to Play on at KP Stadium as part of the biggest losers in our league. What a dream to play on the Pitch of the 2015/16 Premier League winners & Home to my team Leicester City F.C.
This whole experience has given me the kick up the backside I needed.
Also thanks to all of you losers on here with your inspirational stories which I do read & am in ore of you all.
With 3 weeks left in the current season of ManvFat i’m hoping to get down to 105kg.
I will be re-registering for the next season which starts end of June.
Once again thank you to everyone & anyone thinking “could I do this.” You can anyone can. :+1:



I am only down to 103.2kg.

Had a loss of 0.4kg then 1.2kg.
Only to follow up with a gain of 0.4kg.

First ever gain during a football season.

Anyway… now 103.2kg,
so have 14.3kg to lose in the next 18 weeks.

That will mean in old money that I will have lost 6 stone in a year.


92.0kg today. It is good to be back on track.


Another newbie here. My first goal is to get out of the “obese” category and into the merely "overweight"
Started 2 weeks ago at 267 pounds, now at 256. I reckon I need to lose another 10 pounds to meet my target.
Long term I guess 220 pounds is a realistic target for my size, build and age. Oh - and I want to be able to keep up with the Kiwi git on our touch rugby team!