What is your Goal Weight?


6ft 4. Currently 16st 3. Goal 1 is 14 stone ‘something’ the only 12.5 which would be in the middle of healthy BMI. Although I have seen saying all that for about 18 months and I am constantly hovering between 15st 12 and 16 st 7. This time!


Just joined MvF, managed to reach a milestone and drop (and stay!) under 100kg this Year.
Highest weight 109kg (last summer), lowest to memory around 94kg 4 years ago.
Ultimate goal would be to stay below 90kg.


First weigh in last night and weight in at bang on 16st.

Would like to reach 14st 7lb, got there before but got complacent and happy with the size and it easily piles back on.

Last nights game was a struggle after a weekend on the beer but hopefully will improve over time. Going to really trying to change my diet/drinking habits over the weekend and have less of a binge.

Been playing squash regular but suffering with bad lower back back pain.

Hi to everyone anyway.


Started this Feb this year & at first weighin I was 120.8kg. This Monday coming will be the final game of this season. Last week I weighed in at 105.6kg a 15.2kg loss.
This has been a god send for me. I hit the big 50 in Sept which is also my 25th Wedding Anniversary. I will be carrying on next season when hopefully I will hit my target of dipping under the 100kg mark.
Reading peoples personal stories on here have been & still are so inspirational.
I never thought i’d Kick a ball again never mind play.
If you put in the time & effort anything is possible. I’ve now started running (well slow jog) 5k on the Treadmill. Next step is to do the 5k Park Run on a Saturday morning.
Keep up the Good work everyone.:clap::clap::clap:


Lost 3kg first week so already well on my way to my 5% goal.

Week of this week cus of the bank holiday so two weeks to really push and with a bit of luck I can hit the first target.


I’m currently 128.5 kg 287 lbs but I was 135.8 kg 300lbs me may, my total weight loss goal is to get to 100kg 220lbs but I’m looking to do in 5kg 11 lbs slots
My next mile stone is 125kg


Right now getting back to under 500lbs would be a welcome start. Then as has always been my goal 448lbs which was the lowest weight I have had in the last 18 years.


I’m about to start my first 30 group and have set goals for the short term. I refuse to go on the scales for mental health reasons so measurable for me is using my clothes and a tape measure.

List what you want
By the end of the first 30 Day MVF group, I will have lost 1 inch around my chest and 1 inch around me waist. I will comfortably fit into my 2 work shirts without having to wear a jumper over them.
What actions do you need to take to achieve these goals?
To achieve the ‘want’ list above, I need to only eat 3 meals per day and 2 pieces of fruit as snacks.
Drink 1 litre of water per day.

Eat no bread, added sugar, cake.

Exercise 2 times per week.
Describe hitting your goals
I will be able to put my socks on standing up without holding anything 😂

I will feel slight pain in my knee as I ramp up exercise but that is ok. My physio recommendation is to go through this pain barrier.

I will feel more comfortable in all of my clothing.
What are the consequences of reaching your goals?
Pro: reduced BMI, reduced health risks, ability to run out on the football field with my children.

Con: slightly altered ability to eat food socially. Not always able to eat with or the same foods as my family.
Describe the resources you need to achieve your goal
Buy more fruit so the kids don’t run out.
Online group forum to record all food intake and exercise.
Normal meals - no changes required.
Determination and will power to build up a habit.
Another 30 day group following this first one to keep building habits and lessen the need for will power.


Starting weight 134.5kg
Current weight 120.8kg
Target weight 100kg

I’d like to think I could achieve this before Xmas


Starting Weight was 16st so 101.6 KG at the end of May 2018.

Target weight personally was 14st 7lb so 92kg

I’m currently sitting at 14st 11 / 94kg.

If I can somehow get down to around 14st by the time the season ends (5 weeks) I’ll be over the moon.


As ever slower than hoped for.

7 weeks to get down to 95kg or less.

Still need around 10kg for the real target.


I’m thinking 15 st (Currently about 17.5 lb).

The only times I’ve been down to 16 st-ish, I’ve been actually starving myself. But I think I can maintain the way I eat at the moment and I’m taking plenty of exercise, so fingers-crossed.


Wanted at least 7kg this season 10 wks in & it’s major failure 1kg about registration weight .
Back to basics . Overall wanted to be at 100kg by Xmas 23kg to go


I started in Feb this year at 120.8kg. The week of the St.Georges Park tournament I 97.4kg. Unfortunately 2 minutes into tournament I pulled my thigh muscle. I had week of complete rest as to heel my injury at the next weighin i’d Put on 0.5kg (was gutted) tried playing the game after lasted about 13 minutes & it went again,so out for this weeks game. Instead of complete rest i’ve been doing a bit of walking. Jumped on scales at home & the weight has come off 96.7kg. So hopefully fingers crossed be fit for next weeks game & hit my 10% for the season.
My aim originally when I set out on this wonderful journey was breaking 100kg by my 50th Birthday this September.
Keep going lads we can all do this :+1::clap::clap::clap::clap:


It’s a marathon not a sprint. Over 3 seasons, you’ve made more steps forwards than backwards.


Well tonight is the last game of our second season. It will also be my 1st game in 2 weeks due to injury. Hopefully i’ve given the thigh enough rest this time for in to hold out.
Whilst i’ve been unable to train as much as i’d like I have however been watching what I eat. I’m not expecting to lose a lot but would even be happy with no weight gain at all & then kick on again from there.

Already looking forward to a new season.

Darren Welsh. Yes I completely agree it’s a marathon not a sprint.
Good luck & keep up the hard but good work we are all doing.



This weeks goal is to average under 96KG

The long term goal is 80kg. I got to 88kg back in 2016. But stress and real life meant I lost focus.


Having been through this before, I know I need to set myself small targets, that I can actually feel like I am meeting. I get too daunted by thinking I need to lose 60+ pounds to even contemplate it.

That being said, I think my goal weight is anything under 200. At 54 y.o and 6’2, that seems ok.


I got so close to my target (I think it was 85kg) at 89kg but am back up to 96kg.
So restarting and re focusing - 85kg before Christmas - I think that is doable.

Posted April 25th…So up and down recently…

At 98.2kg today (highest ever 125kg ---- got down to 89.9kg a couple of months ago) I have faltered quite badly.

Back on it though and am aiming for 85kg for the beginning of July. That was meant to be where I am now but I let things get out of control.

I am back in the mood for it now so I can do this.

92.0kg today. It is good to be back on track.


I’ve not got a goal ‘weight’ as such (although I’m in the 30 lbs before Xmas Club…but a photo of me aged c26 when I was in rugby-playing heyday.

My goal is to get same photo taken at age 63, and I’ve still got three months before my 64th! …and close on a further 15 lbs to lose!