What is your Goal Weight?


I don’t have a goal weight anymore! Originally I said I wanted to lose half my body weight, which I’m actually pretty close to achieving - but I’m more focused on my opinion of my appearance now than the number on the scale :grinning:


I did get down to 98.4kg, last week was 102.4kg.
I know where I failed and am on it.

Under 90kg by Christmas…


Wow, couldn’t find my old post, but I’m gonna update my goal. Currently down to 246.5 and would like to be in the 230’s by Christmas.


I was very shockd 2 hear my ideal weight is 7st 9lbs… i was so suprised 2 hear a fully grown bloke can b this light. I honestly dont think iv weighd anything like that since i was a little kid. Its abit depressing how much iv got 2 do cos im sure i weigh well over double that.

Uuuuh…suppose i just hav 2 break it down in smaller chunks or something. Gona take me a fair while either way


Weight goals are:
Current goal is <18st (6lbs to go)
Medium goal is <16st
Long term goal is healthy (or near enough) BMI

Fitness goals are:
Run/walk >8 miles by mid-December (did 7.17 on Sunday)
Run >5 minutes without stopping by end of year


7st 9, geeesh, that seems ridiculously light for a bloke.


Short term goal. 280lb. 6lb off it at minute then I aim for another 30lb before Easter.


Aye. Thats the lower end mind, upper end is like 10 stone or sumthing. Still loads less then i am. Ah well


I started 7 weeks ago at 130.5kg, now down to 123.2kg, so just achieved my 5% this week. Looking to get my 10% by the end of this season, (mid Jan) so Christmas to overcome, but reckon i can do it.