What resources do you use for food?

Hey all

There may be a post about this already but wanted to pick your brains.
Where do you guys go for your food ideas?

I bought Joe Wicks book today. I’ve got his other 2 and to be honest there was only a few recipes in there that I’ve used.
However the one I got today has loads in there. I would probably have at least 90% of the recipes.

Is there anything out there that you guys use?

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Hairy dieters are good.

Also came across a blog called Two Chubby Cubs which is all SW appropriate recipes. Great food on there.

Pinterest is also pretty decent if you wade through the crap.

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Yep, I made their Swedish meatballs yesterday. great recipe. Also reasonably priced books. The other ones I’ve tried really show that they (or their researchers) have put time and effort into developing and testing the recipes. More than can be said for many celebrity chefs.

I relie on the girlfriend. An excellent cook, probably explains my size but she is supportive and seeks interesting dishes.
Check out Joe Wicks videos on YouTube 30 seconds on five exercises repeat five times.

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