What's the weirdest thing you've tried for losing weight?


We had a post about this on’t old forum but it was hilarious, so many weird and wonderful (ok, not wonderful) things that people have tried. Share yours here.

I’ve done every weird diet going. Cabbage soup diet? Yes. Master cleanse? Uh-huh. I am ashamed to say that I once tried the old clingfilm routine which I got from watching The Full Monty.


Like you I think I have tried lost things - none of which have worked long term - the weirdest was probably the Sniffing vanilla diet where it is said that the smell of vanilla will decrease appetite - you lit a vanilla candle or stuck vanilla patches on the back of your hand - then theory is your smell the vanilla as you eat and it reduced appitite

I can safely say I gained 3 lbs in a week


Surely you just end up desperate for vanilla ice cream?


That’s where i went wrong obviously - I was supposed to sniff vanilla not burry my face in a tub of ice cream and keep eating -duh feel such a fool now :wink::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Me and my friend were trying to put on more weight and muscle last year and thought it would be an excellent idea to head to KFC after our workouts, we convinced ourselves that CHICKEN=PROTEIN. Not too sure this was a great idea.


I tried that stuff which makes you, erm, void any fat you eat. Decided that if I carried on, I’d be needing nappies. Effective, but unrealistic…


Hahaha! Was that Orlistat?



Yes I had Orlistat - I spent more time in the toilet than I did working


yeah. It might have worked had I not seen it as a bit of an experiment. I decided to see what would happen if I ate a 14" pepperoni pizza. The next day was not pleasant.


Similar to the vanilla sniffing, I got some scented pens, which had different flavours like apple. You sniffed them when you had cravings and they were supposed to reduce the appetite. Utter nonsense.


Haha! Yep. Were they sold as a diet-aid or were you just sniffing Sharpies?


Haha. I do like the smell, but unbelievably these were sold as a dit aid. I’d hate to think of the amount of money I’ve wasted on ridiculous things like this. :joy:


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Hi Arijit - thanks for stopping by but I’m pretty sure everyone knows about MAN v FAT!


Sauna suits and “as seen on TV” testosterone boosters.


Ali tablets - tried them and got put off going to the toilet


Yes I remember those as well - they ended up calling the toilets “Adams 2nd home” - it was at That stage I flushed the rest down my “2nd home” :wink:


Just bumping this for the lols :smile:

Has anyone ever tried the Master Cleanse?


I lost a hell of a lot of weight on those, but did have some close calls more than once…


I lost 5 stone in 8 months …how???
Eating very small amounts and making myself sick and never again would I do this I felt fatigued my teeth hurt and became week and I put 2 stone back on thankfully I was strong enough to knock the habit on head so now for me is slimming work and excersise