What's the weirdest thing you've tried for losing weight?


Blimey, I’m sure you know it but in case anyone else doesn’t what you’re describing is bulimia, which is an eating disorder. I’m really glad you managed to beat it because it can be really damaging. If anyone else has had experience of that then I hope you’re ok and there’s lots of help out there for this sort of thing.



Hi Wadey Thanks for highlighting a problem that affects men as much as women. Once or twice in my life I have felt so unwell due to food or drink that I have sat there and thought “Am I going to feel better if the content of my stomach stays or goes” . With the drink it was the next day, and I was nauseaous to start with. In this case being sick came easy and relieved a lot of the problems. As regards food, I have to say that in my 50 years I have eaten on a few occasions to such a large degree that everything in my body and brain was telling me to purge. In these situations I tried to use the experience as a life lesson and learn from it rather than actually purge.
I think it would be very easy for a man who likes eating to slip into bulimia mode. In Anchent Rome they had special rooms called Vomitariums set aside for the purpose. They were sometimes manned by slaves to assist the process.
However this is now recognised as a bad relationship to have with food. I’m glad you were able to knock the habit on the head.
I personaly have a bad relationship with food. In my childhood there were long periods where food was scarce. As a result I would gorge and fill my boots up when I got the chance. Now as an adult food is pleantyfull, but I still have those bad habits from childhood.
With the help of this site I’m learning to form a better healthy relationship with food.
I hope Wadey that as a group of guys, we can help you too. Just give us a shout anytime. Good luck in 2016 with achieving your weight loss goals.


Lots of new members here so I thought I’d give this a bump. I was speaking to a mate of mine over Christmas who tried some green caffeine pills for weight loss. After a week he was taken to hospital for palpitations and has been in weird heart rhythms ever since. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

What’s your weirdest efforts?


I used those to great effect. I lost a lot of weight, and managed to keep it off. But go over that small amount if fat in your food, and Christ you pay! I went for a curry once whilst on those tablets, and shat myself at a friends house the next day. I made my excuses and ran…


I had a set of those electric pads that you stick to your muscles when I was younger… thought they’d made me look like Arnie,

They didn’t LOL!


It was many years ago now (which shows that I’ve always had a weight problem), but my wife and I decided to go on what was called “The Bowl Diet”.

The idea was that you each had a small cereal bowl out of which you ate 3 meals a day. You were allowed one bowlful only at each meal, but you could put into it anything you wanted. There were literally no restrictions on what foods you ate. The only other condition was that you had to eat by yourself. No socialising over food.

It was one of the most difficult diets imaginable, although for anyone who could persist with it, I’m sure it would have been extremely effective. Do you fancy roast beef and Yorkshire pudding followed by plums and custard? No problem. It’s just that you have to put them all together in the same bowl. Perhaps just soup and bread, then? No problem, but you have to put the bread in the soup. OK, OK, I give in! Yet ANOTHER stir fry or salad, eaten whilst staring moodily at the wall.

We lasted about a fortnight. :slight_smile:


Why no socialising?

I would have thought talking, and taking time over the meal, would have been better for digestion.


Search me!

I suspect it was based on the idea that you should eat only to satisfy your hunger (ie bodily needs) and not your mental or spiritual needs. It certainly made mealtimes a penance rather than a pleasure.

I’ve just had a Google to see if the diet still exists. I found a variation of it. The Small Bowl Diet

It’s not quite the same in that you’re allowed second helpings, the no socialising rule has been dropped, and she’s added a bunch of recommendations about what to and what not to eat.

But the special individual bowl is still there. I’ve just remembered that we’ve still got my special bowl. Until recently it’s been used to serve peanuts in. :slight_smile:


Never really done anything weird to lose weight, in January me and my wife did a detox where we had to stay away from carbs, no dairy and drink 3 litres of water a day (no other drinks). Did quite well with it.


Have you ever taken the HCG drops or shots? It works great combined with a 500 calorie a day diet, but I got to wonder…why am I fatter than before 2 months later, and why spend all this money on drops or shots when eating 500 calories a day should probably be enough?!


Ive tried a few over the years…
Ive taken CLA tabs which didnt do anything. Ive done Slimming World, cider vinegar tabs, hypnosis overnight through earphones, Acai tabs, Raspberry Ketones and even bought Nip+Fab gel, put it on my stomach and overlaid with cling film.

None of them did anything. The best thing ive done is low carb. Lost 3 stone, but made me miserable and a lot of it was muscle rather than fat…


What was the hypnosis like? Did it do anything at all?


The hypnosis was more about eating only until full. Being aware of your bodies signals to say your stomach doesnt need any more food. I really liked the theory behind it, but it was a pain to have to keep playing them throughout the night.
I could see it working for somebody but just wasnt right for me


Hi @Thomas_Jack. I tried the Paul McKenna hypnosis day as well. Like you I found it a conplete and utter waste of time and money. The priciple of eating slowly, tasting the food, putting down your knife and fork between mouthfuls and when your satisfied stopping make sense but this is hardly hypnosis.


@biketester yep you’re spot on. The only thing it did do was slow me down a little


Never heard of Nip & Fab gel… just Googled it, and the first retailer I’ve found selling it looks highly unscrupulous. They also sell `Dragons Blood Fix Serum’

I would imagine that the bollocks men’s weight loss products are nothing compared to the bollocks women’s age defying beauty creams that are out there.

Dodgy retailers!


@Alex_PN i picked up mine from sainsburys. Meant to have something that breaks down the fat under the skin. Made my skin feel tight but tbh, even if it was melting the fat, i would have needed a LOT more to keep it up…


Giving blood I used to cycle a lot but could never reach my desired uphill weight, so tried most things, about 600 calories in a pint


Strangest diet ever, for me…

Everyone at my mom’s church started doing this about 8 or 9 years ago, so she talked me and my ex-wife into doing it with her. It was called the HCG diet. They sold you these drops that you placed under your tongue before each meal…they were supposed to contain some hormone that pregnant women have that helps them rebound after pregnancy…weird right? But the claim was that the weight would just fall off of you…and it did! I was dropping 5-10 lbs a week! I lost 40 lbs in two months…it was awesome, until I crashed…

Did I mention that the diet itself limited you to 500 calories a day? You could have coffee or tea with breakfast, water the rest of the day. One piece of melba toast. Some chicken breast. And a had full of veggies…I was miserable lol.

Looking back, those drops were probably nothing more than vodka and water…still can’t believe I fell for that.


At least if it had been HGH it could have saved you from baldness. I’d do that diet.