What's the weirdest thing you've tried for losing weight?


I never tried any of these but my mum did. The strangest was little balls that when you eat them expand in the stomach male no you feel fuller so eat less. The problem is that if you habitually eat it makes no difference.


Just eating pot noodles… not a healthy way to lose weight


Haven’t tried it myself (yet), but I’ve read that Vicks Vapour Rub reduces belly fat (and your sex life id imagine)

Don’t eat it, just rub it around your belly


I heard a PT once suggest rubbing your belly with haemorrhoid cream if you’ve got loose skin as it tightens it. No idea if that works.


I’d hate to think what they’d think in Boots if I bought enough haemorrhoid cream to cover my belly


I’ve heard this is something people do to reduce bags and wrinkles under the eyes. It only works for a few hours though.


We were encouraged to wear binliners for pre-season training, to sweat off the summer fat.
10 miles cross country on a warm July evening - 4 sessions of this before we were allowed to train with a football
AND that was at semi-pro level !!!

So primative


admission: I tried the maple syrup diet once :smile:


Iv known ppl whos done gd with orlistat n not had 2 bad side effects with it. I suppose its like all medication good for some not for others


Lol gave me wind them


Dunno if I shud say mine cos its abit illegal n am not suggesting it :confused:


Well now we have to know :smile:


Lol since u ask, takin speed. I mean it does stop ur appetite but its not rly worth it if unless u like not sleeping n chewing ur mouth alot lol. Plus like, u can get in trouble so id give it a miss ha


Haha! It was originally prescribed as a weight loss drug in the 60s/70s. Imagine all them housewives speeding off their faces.


can’t beat a bit of billy whizz :wink:


… ahem apparently


A friend of mine spent 3 months of whizzing and dancing and he ended up dropping 5 stone. He is now 27 stone though (over double what he was), so it is probably not a great long term solution!

I have done the laxatives weight loss route, really wouldn’t recommend it, I lost a few stone, but the risk of ‘sharting’ when you are out and about is high and so it isn’t a great option!! I ended up flushing a pair of undercrackers down the toilet in a Jamie Oliver resauraunt due to my accidental ‘dirty protest’ which was pretty mortifying when they blocked the toilet and started to flood the stall!!




Ha, defo not a long term solution like!

Pmsl thats 1 iv never tried think ill give it a miss an all!!


WOW!!! :open_mouth: