Whats your Christmas Damage?


So, for anyone who wants to share, how much weight (if any) did you gain for Christmas/the holidays?

Personally, in just over 2 weeks, I gained 10.1 lbs. I mean…wow. Still, get up, dust myself off, and keep on trucking


100.4kg to 105.6kg. That’s 11.44lbs. Also in 2 weeks.

As I put on my regular post, I don’t care. Still 2 sizes smaller, etc.

Already shaken off a little of it but let’s face it - after a fortnight of even more carbs that normal, there will be water weight…


Christmas gain was gone in a week, it was only 2.5 days of bingeing so easy to get rid of.


I put on around 10 pounds, obviously a pretty depressing amount but you’ve got to figure that will be gone pretty soon in January. In my experience losing weight short term from a week of overeating isn’t too bad. It’s losing weight consistently over months that’s tough.


Change the way you think. Losing weight is the easy part. Avoiding the extra that causes weight gain is the hard part.


Over the two weeks, lost 5 lbs, 3&2 in the respective weeks, so nice consistency…overindulgment was timed properly (within my intermittent fasting guidelines), so although loss was less than could have been on ‘normal’ weeks, I’m happy enough. …and we’ve been in France on holiday!

Roll on normality from Monday. Back to more gym equipment than just my rower!


Damage not too bad actually.
MFP shows on 30th Nov I was 190.4lbs and weigh in for start of my new group was 194.2.
Thought and felt a lot worse than that


8lb. I decided to just go with it, and trust myself to get back on it in January. It was good to get it out of my system, and frankly champagne and Quality Street for breakfast does eventually lose its appeal.

3.4lb off since Thursday. Looking forward to getting into a new group.


I lost 0.5 lbs


Put on 4 lbs. over xmas and new year .