What's your WHY?


Hey fella’s,

curious to know what everyone else ‘WHY’ is

The real underlying reason for wanting to lose weight?

Me… I’m off to the maldives with the Mrs soon, and want to be comfortable & have nice pictures to remember this once in a lifetime holiday,

rather than going to a tropical paradise & not being able to fully enjoy my experience because I’m not comfortable

What’s your “why”??? :slight_smile:

Bridgwater league 10/08/17 - hat-tricks and 5%s aplenty!

Few reasons - first is my daughter - I can keep up with her now but the motivation to do things is getting less and less and im not the sort of person who is happy to just let her play, need to be taking her out a lot more.

Holiday - Want to be able to take my top off and walk around comfortably knowing that I haven’t got a load of flab wobbling around.

Longevity of life - want to do the best I can now, in the hope that my later years will be less problematic than they could be if I didn’t change!


Mine was a bit more of a “why not”? I knew there was so much I had to gain from giving up the stressful life I was leading. And…I was right!


I was asked this on the weekend by one of the lads in the team, it wasn’t the first time I’ve been asked this during my time on the site, however, it was the first time that my answer had changed.

My answer is that guys in the 20 stone plus range (me) don’t tend to have particularly long lives and my boys would be gutted if I died.

Never spent a lot of time thinking along those lines in the past but this awakening has given me a much needed boot up the arse.


Getting older and sort of looking forward to retiring - want to be as healthy as possible and max out my pension :grinning:


Multitude of underlying reasons but the big two for me are:

  • To feel more confident and less self conscious
  • To make sure I can stay in the long-term relationship I’m in

Second one sounds superficial but I’m not naive enough to think that it couldn’t potentially happen.


In my experience it’s not that partners go off you because you’re bigger it’s because you hate yourself and your attitude goes down the swanee.

I mean this as one, not you specifically :wink:


I had finally had enough of being fat. I wanted to be able to buy clothes that fitted


What was the ‘trigger point’ for you?


I really don’t know


Talking about trigger points, I’d had a couple of 3-4 week phases this year of losing 5-10lbs or so after realising I was getting too heavy, and then weighing myself at 18 stone last weekend is what really triggered me into action.

I think you just know when you’re going to make it happen. For me personally I can tell when I’ve reached the point of ‘deciding’ I’m going to do something about it.


The BIG reason is health related.
Sleep issues, shortness of breath.
Add in active children, 4xl clothing, vanity.

So I needed a goal that would keep me motivated.
“Keep me motivated” is the real key requirement.
So I decided to cycle 100 miles.
My wife has done it, my mates have done it.
I…haven’t, couldn’t.

So I decided that I had to do it, but I needed to be a lot lighter to succeed.
My goal is set for 22/05/16.
I am doing the ride so the weight has to go.
That is my means-to-an-end goal that will get me there.
And I have to beat my wife’s time.
But don’t tell her.


Completely relate to both of these mate!


My moment was when my wife and daughters had a very frank talk with me about how they where worried about what I was doing to myself. All I would do is work, eat and play online games on my PC. One thing really stood out in that conversation. My oldest daughter said she wanted me to be around when she got married… That really struck a cord with me. It made me take a long hard honest look at myself, and I have to say I did not like who I had become

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For me it’s Vanity… And now that I’m single I want to have sex as an option in my life.
Who wants to get Jiggy with a fat guy when they are skinny themselves ?
Men like curves on their women, but men aren’t supposed to have bits that wobble. Moobs are not a good look, when you want to get lucky on a Friday. Luck socks only go so far lol.


Hitting 50, looking at myself and thinking that this can go one of two ways, and it was up to me.

Also, sick of being the fat bloke in the photo at both my nephew’s and my niece’s weddings.


For me I just looked at a photo from a holiday and thought “enough is enough”. Hated how I looked asks wanted to do something about it.

However I keep having “breaks” (holidays, binge after an event and training is over, etc). And they are my undoing.

This next run at it is the final run. No breaks just fitness and healthy living. And if I want a bad night/weekend I’m gonna have to earn it first!


I think the fact that we all want more sex is taken for granted :slight_smile:


I had been trying to lose weight on and off for a few years but when my son came along in 2013 I knew I had to make a more serious thing of it.


My twins arrived in 2011, I was working in Nottingham living in the south and was constantly stressed and exhausted. By the time I’d changed jobs and was working back in London I’d hit 22 stone. All of a sudden I was working by a million sandwich bars and restaurants.

I genuinely could only see myself getting fatter and I knew that I would get even more stressed and exhausted.

I did about 6 weeks working on my brain searching for what life could look like.

I came up with images of me running, jumping over fences, climbing trees; generally being more playful.

I liked the future vision better than what I was experiencing so set up some rules that I felt I could stick to long term and vowed to remember how unhappy I was and how good the alternative felt.