What's your WHY?


What did u do about the stress? I was in a similar position last year working away lots of hotel food.

I found that running out doors was my saviour


Hey Alan, so what were you afraid of or worried would happen if you didn’t make that change?


Vanity. The health benefits of not carrying as much weight in my 40’s were a secondary concern, but mostly vanity.


Health reasons really - fed up with feeling knackered and not feeling safe simply walking a lot

Oh and also refer you to this :laughing:


what do you mean by vanity exactly?


I wrote a list - I have a reminder to read it every day:

  • my children don’t want a fat daddy
  • I’ll be setting a good example to my daughter, my son and wife
  • I’ll feel more comfortable taking my clothes off in front of Charles
  • I’ll be able to show muscles I’ve built in the gym
  • I’ll have better teeth
  • I wont jiggle when I walk downstairs
  • I won’t sneak food and feel guilty afterwards
  • I’ll live longer
  • I’ll get laid more.
  • I’ll be able to wear all of my clothes
  • I’ll be more attractive
  • I won’t feel ashamed when I look in the mirror
  • I’ll get more compliments
  • I won’t feel so self conscious
  • I’ll be stronger
  • I won’t be carrying a 20KG load all the time
  • I’ll have more energy
  • I’ll find it easier to concentrate
  • I won’t get crippling heart burn
  • I’ll feel a sense of achievement
  • We’ll be able to go to the beach as a family
  • I’ll look better in photographs
  • I’ll be able to go swimming
  • Family will be proud of me

It’s part of a longer reminder list that I read (and make sure I read not scan) every day now :slight_smile:


A lot of the stress is caused by the twins and work and it doesn’t go but Exercise helps keep it at bay. I feel better after weights and I’ve also got a Concept 2 rower recently and that makes me feel better - I feel better after pigging out too but at 48 I’ve worked out that benefit is short lived and I also end up feeling a whole lot worse.


Great thread.

For me it’s a multitude of things. The main one is health. I have so many ailments and take a lot of medication. I hate it. I had a hip replacement 6 years ago and need to lose weight if I want it to last a long time as I’m only 45!

I have 2 kids, and want to see them grow up and get married, etc.

I want to be fit and healthy and able to climb mountains. I’ve actually committed to climb Ben Nevis on my 46th birthday in September with a load of friends and family, so that is motivating me and giving me a big goal to aim for.

I also have the vanity things. I want to be able to buy nice clothes in proper shops, not fecking Jacamo, and not feel completely awful when I try stuff on in normal shops. I want to feel and look attractive to the opposite sex, especially her indoors. I have no confidence with women these days at all.

I have a reminder on my phone to remind myself of the good and the bad every day. The good being how it will feel to be slim and healthy; the bad being how it feels to be fat and sick now.


To look good, whatever that means. Be thinner, fit into a slim fit shirt and have it fit properly. Maybe have a chest that is bigger than my waist.


I have 2 children, 10 and 7. I don’t want to be thought of as a dad who didn’t have the get up and go.
My dad died of a heart attack at 47, due to a sit down job and night shifts plus being a heavy smoker. I’m nearly 42. I WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO ME.


I am about to quit a low stress job - very boring and unforfiling job for what I expect to be far more intresting and stressful job and we are getting puppy at the same time. It’s going to be intresting to see how I cope and if I can keep the good work up


It’ll be nice to have a dog to walk with. Someone to talk to :smile:


My top five:

  1. to be around for as long as possible to care for the people I love
  2. to have more energy, especially climbing stairs / keeping up with friends on hikes
  3. to improve my overall health, but especially to be kinder to my poor heart, back and knees
  4. to feel more confident in myself and in my relationships
  5. to be able to buy clothes on the high street instead of online from plus size shops


Mainly that if I didn’t do something I wouldn’t get to see my kids grow up when I had them.

I now have a 4 month old daughter and more determined than ever.


for me it was for my health and to be around for my wife and kids for a long time


Wow 4 months - where has that time gone - I remember you frantically trying to squeeze in MVFIA posts before midnight when she was born :smiley:


Crazy huh! Blink and it’ll be Christmas!

Hard to remember life before she arrived. Seems like forever that she has been here with us. In a good way of course.


56, ex rugby player but lifestyle not been great and just been told I have diabetes 2. Current weight around 260lbs, so not a good place to start, but need to sort myself out.


And you can. Loads of Amazing Losers who’ve reversed their diabetes. @idontdrink and @jules amongst them, both up to answer questions if you need advice.


The good news about it is its completely reversible and once you start a new routine you will see your weight and your bloods go down :slight_smile: I still had a treat night most weeks and I ate normal food but moderation and lots of walking. msg me if you want any help :slight_smile: good luck