What's your WHY?


Thanks for taking the trouble to send me the message - much appreciated. Day 1 just about completed ok!


Brilliant thread. ‘Start With Why’ is a very good book about business, and the principle is equally valid here.

My whys?
Stop snoring and thereby sleep soundly and not annoy the Missus quite as much.
Walk without limping. Constant low grade ankle pain not helped by carrying 10kg ballast.
Four grandchildren (number five due in Feb) with whom I want to ski, cycle, climb Snowden (and others) and run around parks like an idiot, who in the fullness of time will remember me as Active Grandad.

I know what to do to lose that 10kg. But I need help staying motivated to make it happen.

Best wishes to all.



Is that the Simon Sinek book? I’ve heard it mentioned before, will defo put it on my ‘to do list’

PS - Climb Snowden… are you in Wales? I’m in Cardiff myself :smile:


I’m in Cardiff too.


Confidence + looking good (or at least not looking bad!) in clothes


Sinek, yes.

Wales, not quite thought I believe Shrewsbury has a chequered Wales-England history.


Definitely recommend Sinek, he still has a couple of his talks up on TED otherwise you’ll find plenty of version of them on YouTube to give you a flavour of his WHY.


I lost some weight over the summer but in the Fall I did my annual golf trip to Myrtle Beach and I think I gained 8-10 Lbs eating and drinking.

I did not get it checked but my blood pressure felt sky high and when I cut myself shaving it was like a garden sprinkler. I felt FAT, bloated and unhealthy. I only had two “fat” suites to wear for work and they were getting very tight. I saw my beautiful 36" waist suits in my closet and it pissed me off.

I was surfing the web Sunday night and found this site and signed up. I don’t care about the actual Lbs but I want to feel healthy and fit into my clothes. It also got me to stop drinking during the week and cut down the beers on the weekend.

The Why : Feel better and fit in my own clothes. ( already getting the sex now it might get better) :wink:


[quote=“maxnas, post:1, topic:3296”]
Hey fella’s,

curious to know what everyone else ‘WHY’ is

The real underlying reason for wanting to lose weight?

Me… I’m off to the maldives with the Mrs soon, and want to be comfortable & have nice pictures to remember this once in a lifetime holiday,

rather than going to a tropical paradise & not being able to fully enjoy my experience because I’m not comfortable

What’s your “why”??? :smile:[/quote]

Do you even have weight to loose? !


Who’s that for Fil?


Because I am fed up with being greedy and selfish. I feel better and more confident when I am not focussed on feeding my face


Fit in all my clothes, lower my weight and hopefully my cholesterol with it, feel fitter, feel happier as a role model for my children.


To feel what it’s like to cycle like a slim person
To be able to tie my own laces without struggling
To be able wipe my own ass when I older
To make my children and grandchildren proud not embarrassed
To let my wife see once more the man she fell in love with
To have a fighting chance to live longer
To be able to play with my grandchildren
To stop the need for CPAP
To reduce my blood pressure
To just feel better about me

God why did I ever get fat, and why has it taken so long to start doing something about it.


I wanted to for health reasons, the men in my family don’t last long so I wanted to make sure I bucked that trend. The trigger point was seeing a photo of me which was less than flattering.


I want to feel good about myself again. I lost around 6 stones 8 years ago and I was the happiest I have ever been, I was still a big guy, but it was the smallest I’d been since I was a teenager. Ultimately I want to be around for my daughters for as long as possible; and being embarrassed about the way I look means I cant do all the things I should be doing with them.


To live longer with my daughters


@Nothingman, @Buddhafella, excellent reasons chaps.
Get stuck in, get losing weight.
Good luck.


Lost 2 stone last year and felt great. Went on holiday and my progress faltered from there. Wanting to get back to making progress again.


whats the plan mate? :slight_smile:


Fed up of having to hide under a hoodie / shirt.