What's your WHY?


The kick in the butt was high blood pressure and my heart going out of rhythm.


Honestly I think mine was a bit of a midlife crisis!

I’ve found I need to be selfish and do it for myself. Not in a bad way, but I need to ensure I care about myself as much as my family.


My reason, other than the usual health & confidence, is our holiday to Orlando.

Over the years have been lots of times me & my wife but not been able to fit on some of the rides. In 5 months we are off there again with our best friends and their kids and I really want to get on some of those rides and have a memorable time.


I’ve always been very overweight, but my sons are getting bigger and see the same patterns of bahaviour in them.

I don’t think my being overweight is inevitable and I do run 10ks and the occasional half-marathon. So let’s go!


Obvious one is looking better.
Also, I want to avoid diabetes, as it’s very prevalent in my family.
But one for sure is for when I am hopefully a dad one day. I want to enjoy playing with my kids, and not get exhausted from it.


I just signed up here, mostly because all the dieting sites and forums all seemed to be run by women. While thats great for them, its not really my cup of tea.

I’m trying to loose weight, to look better. It seems rather shallow, but there it is. I struggle enough meeting women, hopefully this can help give me a little bit more of an advantage.


Would be nice to have my weight not be the first thing people comment on


For me, I want to look and feel better about myself. My wife has been very succesful with Slimming World and lost lots of weight. She said one driver for this was being able to meet with others and seek motivation from them.

I like to play sport and snowboard but my endurance is poor. Hopefully losing weight, playing football and starting other exercise will help me reach my goal.

I’ve set myself a target or December to lose 2 stone and at least be able to run 5k All achieveable I believe.


For me it’s my wife and children. I was a collegiate athlete who was very fit. I ate whatever I wanted, but I burned it off because of training and competing. Once I graduated from college, I’ve had very sedentary jobs where I sit behind a desk all day. My kids have never seen me fit and in shape, and they’re all in their teens and early 20’s. I want to be around for my wife and kids.


Been wanting to loose weight for a while now and struggling. Getting married next year so want to fit more then just me in the photos.

Always had an interest in football but never really played. So why not kill two birds with one stone


and why is that mate?

Keeping asking why & digging down at every answer until you get 5-10 layers deep… that’s where you’ll find your real ‘why’ :slight_smile:


Keep a promise i made to myself a long time ago and hit the magic 100kg goal ive had for 6 years!
Lose the weight before my kids are old enough to remember me this size, I dont want to be Fat Dad


My “why” is pretty much all of the above…highlighted by the fact that I am now 55, and really starting to focus on being able to finish work in just 120 months…if I achieve that financial security, what use is it if I am so unhealthy that I cannot fulfill everything I still want to do !!
Holidays, walking, touring…sex !
Got to make the changes in lifestyle, body and mind…need to start today, but really not sure how…looking for inspiration…


I’ve been grossly overweight for years -I’ve used many excuses during that time but it wasn’t until I recently started to receive counselling for depression and anxiety that I finally acknowledged that there is no valid reason or excuse for me to be in the shape that I am.
For the last 10 years or so I have been a carer for my wife whilst helping to bring up 2 sons and hold down a full-time job - I was at the bottom of my list of priorities and never really paid any attention to my own well-being thinking I was being selfish if I did. It wasn’t until my counsellor made me face up to the fact that I was actually abusing my body that I realised I need to do something about it and quick. The only barrier was I have very little self esteem and no major friend network and felt that if I went to a gym or similar I would be judged and ridiculed then I saw the story about Man V Fat on breakfast tv and realised it was right up my street - so here I am just 6 days before our team’s first game and I can’t wait to get started and regain some self esteem and confidence - bring it on!


I love reading things like this. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you feel MvF really is s home for every guy who is looking to improve their health and lifestyle.
We all have these different layers that as guys we build to protect us, for some its just not getting out there into the world, for others it’s over compensating with an almost arrogant confidence and in many cases it’s hiding behind our weight and using that as an excuse to not live life to the full. Breaking down these layers and excuses is how we start making progress.
I suffered for years quite quietly with very little confidence and using “being the joker” to mask it but since getting involved with Man v Fat I’m attacking life more than ever.
I have no doubt you will find Man v Fat Football a really positive experience that will put you in a great place to start making a difference.

Good Luck, Ben, MvFF Coach and ex player.


I second everything that @Hollywood says too mate. MvF is a life changer not just because it helps people lose weight but it really does work on our mental well-being too.
The biggest compliment I can give it is that I’m not one to be short of confidence or feel overly uneasy in different situations etc BUT I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER ABOUT MYSELF THAN I DO NOW.
After spending the last 16 months or so involved in Man v Fat Football, firstly as a player and now as a coach of 2 leagues in the South West I always say that people would expect me to be biased but the reason for that bias is because I have seen first hand how much it changed my life and the life of so many men that would never have previously taken the steps they’ve taken.
Trust me you’ll love it, have a great first game next week.


Re: What’s you why?

Because I can’t think of anything I want more.


My why is to get my weight down to help with the old swimmers as me and the Mrs are trying to start a family I’ve gone from smoking to vaping and I’ve cut out the booze so the next step is getting rid of the belly and get healthy to give my boys a good chance


Hey Chris,
I too have anxiety and stress issues. Whilst in the Priory recently, during group sessions, the other patients picked up on how positive and supportive I was towards them, but then either put myself down or made a joke about my weight or age to justify why I wasn’t in a good place myself.
I was then shown how being “selfish” is a good thing, in as much as it is taking care of your self. By changing the way I look at myself now, I take more time for myself. This has been noticed and commented on by many people.
I told the guys at the hospital that I went to the gym a couple of times a week but didn’t really enjoy it as I always had preferred team sports. They then challenged me to DO something about it ( TRY was a banned word in the group). I went home, got on the internet, found MANVFAT and haven’t looked back.
We’re 9 games into our season. I’ve dropped 19lb. My muscles don’t ache the following morning. And I’ve stopped falling over in the matches! Absolutely love meeting up with the other lads. Plus, to top it all, had a great day out at St. Georges Park on Saturday.

Stick with this outfit Chris.
Your team needs you
Your wife and kids need you fit and happy
And you need YOU, to be fit, happy and healthy

Best of luck,
Andy - middle aged born again footballer :+1:


Well a minor thing is vanity, I want to be able to attract women again, I came out of a relationship 18 months ago, I left that relationship at 26 stone, and now I’m 18. However I have a ten year old daughter, who I am unashamed to admit she’s the better footballer out of the two of us. I would love to be able to train her, and help her to achieve her goals.

Also for my physical and mental health, it has improved a bit but I can push myself further.

I don’t want to sit on my wobbly backside watching the world go by, I want to be tearing it up and become the lad I once was.

Also for me its selfishness I want to feel good about myself

My friends may not say this but I’m a regular member of the friend zone and it irritates me, I ask my friends why, and they say its because I’m great and easy to get on with, and I’m of the age where I want to settle down, and maybe even get married one day.

So here I am keeping the faith