What's your WHY?


You’ve been through so much Biffa! Keep working at it and keep us all updated, you know where to find us all when you are feeling down and need some extra support!!!


I posted this a week or so back. Ignore the date, this is for 2018
Might be worth seeing what is in your area and going to a session. You might get an insight into what is happening in your head and some good advice on how to cope


Let me think -

  1. Five year old Daughter she can run rings around me
  2. Food is all I have, I don’t drink or smoke but god I can eat. so I need to have it under control.
  3. I got put in Hospital a few weeks ago with Bilicy Colic, I have never known pain like it, the Nurses were worried as hell as unknown to me my heart rate was high enough that it could of caused some damage.
  4. I don’t want to scare my wife or me like that again. So I have got to shift some of this 18st frame of mine.


had a heart attack 3 years ago and never really acted on it till now. mental issues after that realising my own mortality affected me in a bad way. saw myself on a video someone took recently and saw how bad I looked and realized I was heading straight towards another heart attack and I might not be as lucky this time. 4 weeks in 4.8kg lighter and never felt this good physically or mentally


I’m new to the group, registered today! Can’t wait to get started! And my why is mainly because I’m getting married next year and would like to look good!


get inspiration from here https://manvfatfootball.org/Home/Registration and have a look at the case studies
and join the rest of us losers ,


Because I am 46 and rounding the corner of poor mobility, poorly controlled hypertension, and shouting at random kids to get off my lawn. Grumpy. chubby, and sick. Time to do some work.


@maxnas i think i need a better reason typical me i been livin in the past n come up with irrelevent things i need 2 out WHY NOW!! Then i can better inspiration :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Why do you want… NEED to get this sorted mate?


I have a few "WHY"s that I need to get on top of:

  1. I get married next year and don’t want my beautiful bride stood next to a tub of lard
  2. I am too fat and unfit to enjoy my rugby, if I break the line I have no fitness to keep running and it’s embarrassing
  3. I feel unhealthy, seem to constantly have a cold and although I joke about “real men having curves” I hate being this shape
  4. I go away often with work and I cannot enjoy the weekend downtime as I’m self conscious about my flab


Just cant seem 2 pin down a reason i can actually explain. I must hav a reason else id not b doin it lol. Sumtimes the journey is more important then the goal so it mite b cos i like bein on this site an being on this ‘journey’ with other ppl n tryna encourage them etc. Same goes 4 my exercise class i want 2 get better at it n hopefullt 1 day help the new ppl kno how 2 do the differnt exercises etc. I like helping ppl i like seein ppl achive what they want, i like being part of sumthing.Dunno if that makes sense lol.


Was there anything that sparked you to click on the site? You generally felt unhealthy? You struggled at something? Nothing wrong with just you generally want to improve yourself


Thinkin back i THINK i seen some bloke on twitter who was in man v fat but was worried he wasnt allowed 2 go cos there had been some mix up with his payment. And i felt right sorry him cos id b upset in that sitiation i reckon. So anyways i realised thats not rly my business unfortunately i cannit exactly help with that. But it made me want 2 hav abit look, thought theres nowt 2 stop me, so i got reading what ppl had 2 say, an i joined. Didnt hav much plan 2 begin with but i listend 2 what other ppl said i shud do n different ideas n took it from there.

Iv never really felt like i NEED 2 do this exactly, cos i dont rly kno what ppl mean by that tbh. Iv tried losing weight in the past but then gone off the idea due 2 not enjoying it and quit. This time is different cos as i say i like bein a part of it. It means more 2 me then ppl probably realise tbh


Why have you tried to lose weight in the past mate?

If you reached your goal, how would your life be different?


Well when i was a kid it was more that other ppl was in charge, if anything i was fightin against it. When i got older it was just same as am doin this time, ie. Tryna cut down food wise. But the difference was im not alone this time. I want 2 do it 4 the group not just myself. Thats how come iv lastd longer already.

Iv never not been fat so i dont actually kno how/if it will change my life at all. Im quite interestd 2 see, so i suppose thats 1 reason. Am not niave im not imaging my whole life will get better n all my problems will disappear just cos weightloss. I hav heard ppl who say it has good effects tho so am keen 2 see if so an if i can get in on that!!