WhatsApp Support & Motivation

Struggling to stay motivated? Need a bit of encouragement - or just a friendly ear?

I have set up a WhatsApp group and very happy to add anyone who thinks it might help them. I know there are already some excellent WhatsApp groups - this one is specifically for anyone who wants/needs/can offer a listening ear or some encouraging words.

No rules, just a mantra:

Be kind - we’re all in the same boat
Be honest - it helps everyone
Be respectful - we’re a diverse group of people

If that sounds good and it might help you, ping me your number and it will be great to add you to the group

I can’t WhatsApp here (China) but WeChat works well if you fancy it.

Hi @StevenHaley - the WhatsApp group is now up and running. That’s a real shame that you can’t use WhatsApp in China. Hopefully they might change that at some point and you can join us. Meanwhile, sincere good wishes with your journey - the ManVfat groups are still excellent :slight_smile:
Cheers, and good luck! Niall :slight_smile:

Cheers mate, I’ll get by. A have a couple of friends from here so we will have a little group.

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can anybody from any league join ur whatsapp chat ?

Absolutely @owenxpayton - the more the merrier. It’s a new group, with the only aim to provide some friendly ongoing support. Ping me your number and I’ll be very glad to add you.

sent you a message

Hi mate. Is this still happening? Would love to join