When do I get to start feeling better?

I’ve now lost 4st 10lbs in total in just over a year and it’s great in a lot of ways. I just wish I felt better. Everyone who sees me after a while remarks on the loss and says, “you must be feeling loads better”, and quite frankly, I don’'t. Sometimes I think I feel worse.

Today I have a weird floaty grey blob in my vision and I feel weak and slightly dizzy. I should have tons more energy, surely. I don’t know if it’s stress or lack of sleep. Things at work and home have been a bit crap of late, so I’m wondering if that’s what it is, but FFS, I want to feel good! Why bother trying to lose the weight if I don’t get the benefit I want!

Sorry for the whiny tone. I just need to vent!

If you are ever concerned about anything to do with your health, please make sure you see your GP, just to be sure.

As you’ve mentioned, bad times can make you stress and sleep poorly but anything to do with your vision must get checked out ASAP.

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Thanks. Re: the vision, I’ve been having intermittent issues with these floaters sometimes with migraines and did go to the optician the other week. They said there was nothing bad in my eyes , just some rogue skin cells on the retina which can do this. Weird how it comes and goes though. Wondering if I might also need to stop drinking grapefruit squash since I’m on a few meds for BP and so on… I was thinking about going to the pharmacist after work as a first port of call.

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