When Working from home


Found myself working from home today and seem more hungry thoughts, anyone experience this and be interested in views on how to combat it as sure there be others could be a useful topic on

  • Drink loads of water!
  • Don’t buy any snacky treats that you know you have access to!
  • Go outside and get some fresh air, rather than being stuck inside, it will help take your mind off things.
  • Set timed alarms on your phone to get up and do something other than stare at a screen. I do this to get some house jobs done to break up the day.


I work from home most days and in equal measure find it better/harder.

Drink lots of water - I drink Volvic watermelon water to get more down. Keep a bottle that marks the time so you know what you need to drink by when to get plenty down.

If you are on lots of calls that don’t need you to be in front of the screen then walk and talk. I love going for an hour walk while I’m in on a call.

Have healthy snacks nearby and eat slowly in between meals. Nuts are my go to.

I also do my daily exercise during the day but I’ve got stuff in my garage which makes it easier.


I work from home 3 or 4 days a week. Often awake from 5am for kids. To allow my wife to work 8am-4pm and to limit childcare (10am-4pm) i work 10am-6pm, so am often tired before i get to start. Being tired is when i get the urge to eat, and the urge is most for sugar crap.

So first thing is just because you don’t have the commute is to make sure you get a proper night sleep. Have breakfast as late as possible to starting work.

Ive read that we often mistake hunger for dehydraton - and if you have to write complex and long emails (that raises stress) take a break by getting water or making a cup of tea.

I try and lay out the food i should have by the kettle so its in view and not be tempted to migrate to the kids cupboard.

Drinking water is good but just be wary of the “syn” content if doing slimming world of flavoured water - it could have shed loads of sugar in it, which is our main enemy and worse than fat.

If possible try and locate where you work in a room that has no distractions e.g. tv, so your mind stays focused and doesnt wander off to your kids cupboard.

WFH takes ages to get used to. I hated the idea at first but now cant survive without it.

All the best


Have your snacks planned and timed. I’m allowed my mid-morning snack no earlier than 1030, and my afternoon snack no earlier than 1430. Make sure it’s something worth waiting for.


i also work from home as a freelance web developer, my daily intake at home is fesh juice and cereals in breakfast and for lunch i had plain rice with boiled chicken and sometimes i had protein bars.