Where are you from?


It occurs to me that as some haven’t updated the location field in their profile :wink: that we dont know where everyone is actually from.

I am from North West London / Bordering on Hertfordshire

Where does everyone else come from?


South Wiltshire, bordering on skinny!


We can’t be too far away. North Harrow.


Not at all @Melbourne12 - Hatch End :slight_smile:
I go to the Gym in North Harrow


Born and bred in Leicester but living in Stoke-on-Trent.


Reading, though just bought a house in Basingstoke so moving there soon.


Portishead - just South of Bristol


Blimey. I live just off Headstone Lane. Back in the pre -ManvFat days, we must have bumped into each other at the pie counter in Morrisons! :grinning:


@Melbourne12 - they’ve revoked your season ticket I’m told (good for you).


Yeah, you only started saying Leicester since they got good at football, mind.

I’m from Goostrey in Cheshire, stop by for a brew any time.


A lot of people have only just worked out where Leicester is because of the football.

In times gone past I would have to say east of Birmingham for some folk to have a clue.


Some people only know Wiltshire because I live there (apparently)!


Grand Manan Island N.B. Canada. That’s 4,831 kms west of London, England. lol


Eeh, headstone lane. Far too many trips there getting my car fixed back in the day.


Seattle, Wa, USA. Super far from everyone else here!


California, bordering on Mexico :wink:


Super far? - so that must be close to Weston Super Made, pretty damn close in north Avon.


Weston Super Mare that should have been - sometimes predictive text f#cks up a cr#p ‘joke’!


I used to live in Trowbridge but escaped about 10 years ago :grinning:


Brummie, studied and work in North East, then 14 years in London, now 40 miles North of inverness, my lil village was on Dan Snow’s Viking programme earlier this week :wind_blowing_face: