Where are you from?


What! - you’re a Viking? OMG, a real one.


Viking! Who, me?


From Cardiff, but have lived in Spain (Marbella) for a while and also lived in New Hampshire in the US (about 20mins out from Boston) for 5 years… but am currently back home in Wales


From Billingham (Near Middlesbrough) originally but lived in various parts of the country (London, Kent, Durham) since, but for last 11 years doing missionary work in Norwich


We were practically neighbors. Quite often see plates here from down along there in the summer… New York, Massachusetts.,Maine…


yup, just over the border!


I’m all the way down south in sunny Southampton, originally a Bristol boy though :slight_smile:


Dorset bordering on being in-bred.

I be Dorset born and bred strong in the arms and thick in the head! As they say :wink:


Live in Winchester - born in Weymouth, my youth was spent on the western fringes of Bristol


Cockney born and bred, Milend Hospital within the sound of the Bow Bells, and possibly attracted by the rumours of those Essex girls, was drawn further East to Leigh on Sea (London’s Playground) and now Rayleigh.


From Market Bosworth in Leicestershire (I don’t like football so am not trying anything!) and currently live in Nottingham


I split my time between Stoke On Trent and Bridgewater !


I lives here. Almost literally. It’s just a couple of miles away, and many of the characters appear to be real.

(Edit as that doesn’t really answer the question! Little place called Saddleworth which sits in the hills on the border of four counties - Lancashire, Y***shire, Derbyshire & Cheshire. Very northern edge of the Peak District and an hour or so from Manchester. And famous for bad people doing bad stuff :frowning:


Born and raised in London now living in beautiful Dorset.
I can’t understand the locals, they can’t understand me.


A preponderance of peeps from Bristol and its environs - and I’m another. Roots in Backwell, just south of Bristol, currently in Weston-super-Mare, a bit further south again.


@tanks nice to meet someone else on the lovely west coast!


I’m in Chester in Cheshire…


Lahndon mate… do you want some?


Get at er my pub…


Salt Lake City, Utah, USA