Where are you from?




Sarf of the River - East Dulwich.


Stroud in Gloucestershire, so joining the Brizzle environs crew!


Well currently Lincoln…!


Just west of Stirling, Scotland. Originally from Northern Ireland.


@Big_Fella - is that a picture of your country pile?


Eh, no! See it everyday though…it’s a better castle to visit than Edinburgh!


Hi @Big_Fella. Heading to your neck of the woods on Friday for a weeks break with my wife. Maybe in time for the returning snow and sh1t weather? Staying in a place called Duchally near Auchterarder.


30 miles north of Seattle, Wa (USA)




@biketester Yes, you’ll be just up the road! Are you up for the golf, there’s that wee course next door…what’s it called, oh yes, I remember, that’d be Gleneagles!

Good cycling country if you’re bringing two wheels. As for the weather, who knows! It’s been bright and sunny the last few days, but mighty cold. North wind coming down, cut you in two! below freezing at night, not sure yet what next week holds. Good luck!


I’d say that could be Everett or Marysville then?


@Big_Fella Everett!


Had a Girlfriend in Vancouver a lot of years ago, and one of my best pals is in California. So been up and down I5 a lot!


Yes possibly a round of golf on the cheaper slightly less challenging Auchterarder course. Definitely cycling, how much depends on the weather. Looking forward to sharing your wonderful scenery for a short while. Will wave as I’m passing your mound.


Philadelphia, USA. Where the brave founding fathers declared independence from a certain tyrannical country.:grinning:


Not my county… I’m Welsh, the UK isn’t all made of England! :smile:




Grimsby! But have spent most of my adult life living anywhere else possible…


New York State…not New York City. Way out in the country. Was born in California, but living here now.