Where are you from?


Originally from South Africa but now find myself in a village between Dartford and Gravesend in Kent.


@dadof7 west coast is the best coast man. What are you doing all the way out there lol


Never mind all that. It’s the setting of Trading Places, and therefore a rather ace place. I tend to spend a fair bit of time in Philly airport & love the movie poster area. A trip’s not a trip without a Caesar salad and Sam Adams at Legal Seafood…


Yorkshireman, currently in Doncaster


tell me about it…If God hadn’t sent us here…we wouldn’t be here! I miss California, but the cost of living is astronomical, and we live in a beautiful part of the state…there really is a beautiful part!


Born in west London, brought up in Pembrokeshire now living in north wales between Rhyl and Llandudno


Recently moved to Blackheath in South East London. South of the river and not a stab vest in sight.


I live in Ipswich, Suffolk, it’s a little like Dorset only more tractors and far more fingers ;). Thankfully I count my self as a migrant :wink: with basically my entire family being from Liverpool direction.


I live in Weston super Mare, on the sea front, over a pasty shop and next door to an ice cream parlour. Happy to say I rarely visit either.
However I was born and raised on the mean streets of Banwell. (darkens the stage with only a single spotlight on me and sad music. Wipes away a tear). I’m not ashamed of it, we did what we had to do to survive, many a kid was traumatized by ‘dog shit flicking night’, I escaped such a fate but was drawn into a small gang. We wore green to blend in with the fields and were never afraid to show our colours to those that invaded our territory (red and white scarf with a green woggle in my case). We paid our dues to the big man (30p every Monday to Skip or Arkala depending on who was in charge that week). I’m not ashamed of it, but we never forget where we came from.


Born and raised in various German towns, Northern Ireland, Wiltshire - Dad was in the army.

Lived longest on the Dorset/Hampshire border.

Now been in South East London for 13 years.


Cockney born and bred, Milend Hospital within the sound of the Bow Bells lived in Limehouse and Poplar. Possibly attracted by the rumours of those Essex girls, was drawn further East via Dagenham, Chadwell Heath and then further East towards the coast Leigh on Sea (London’s Playground) or maybe the slowest run up ever to a cross channel swim. I now live in Rayleigh so obviously the attraction of a long distance swim didn’t work or maybe I just bottled it!


I’m waiting for someone to answer this with the lyrics from Fresh Prince of Bellare


@TimW I could do it verbatim. Can’t remember $hit from college, but I do know…
In west Philadelphia, born and raised…on the playground is where I spent most of my days… Chillin out maxin, relaxin all cool… Haha


Another Brummie here!


Airdrie, Scotland


For several years I seem to have followed @biketester along the river (on the side without the murderers though :laughing:) Started out in SE London (New Cross) then moved along the river to Kent (Gravesend) where the girls were very similar to those from Essex but more heavily tattooed and violent. Note it was the 1970’s and tattoos were not trendy then. From there it was off to the Kent coast (Herne Bay). I loved it there and wish I’d never left. Then a move down to Wiltshire (Warminster) and then finally to Devon (near Paignton). Still not settled and probably never will be but parts of Wales seem nice so that could be next.


From Texas originally but now in LA.


@wornoutcowboy you’re closer to me than most on this site…I’m in the Seattle area.


Well, 70 pounds sounds like you have been working hard. good going. How long have you been at it?


@wornoutcowboy I actually just hit 80 and am waiting on my new badge lol.
I started Jan 8th :slight_smile: