Where are you from?


Anniston, Alabama, USA, almost the midway point between Birmingham and Atlanta. Lived here practically all of my life, but was born in Germany…dad was military.


Born and raised in Bradford, now in a little town called Howden about 20 mins from Hull


La Porte Texas


Birmingham uk


The People’s Republic of South Yorkshire.


Born in Cambridge. Now living in Peterborough.


I come from Plymouth, currently living in Leicester


I’m from Birmingham. Near heartlands hospital if anyone knows it.


i used to live in starbank road and went to waverly grammar school in hobmoor road until 1977 now live in solihull mon-thursday and brixham at the weekend


I’m originally from Derbyshire, but I know live in Castilla-la-mancha (Spain), right on the border with Madrid.


I am on Newbridge road :slight_smile:


know it well few of my school mates lived on Newbridge , we used to play on the filed at the back of the shops in the early 70s I guess its in use for something now. Is the petrol station still there?


holaaaaaa saludos desde Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

soy Raul y les mando un fuerte abrazo a todos ustedes
aca tambien luchamos contra la obesidad




Originally from Hinckley in Leicestershire but I live in Guangzhou, China.


Redditch, looking for a league in Worcestershire


Paul, we play at Lode Heath school in Solihull just up from Land Rover which isnt too far from Redditch. Good friendly bunch 3 games left and then I think we have a break for 1 week? before next league starts, sign up and come and join us. Ben Gallon is the coach. We play tuesday nights


Thanks Kevin, yep I saw your league and know Phil who goes. Unfortunately I can’t do Tuesday nights otherwise I would join. Only night of the week i can’t do.


Ben Gallon runs one at Foxhollies in hall green as well plus one in north Solihull, have you looked at those 2?



Thanks Kevin, I will take a look.

Much appreciated,


North Solihull will be on weds when we start back at end of may