Where are you from?


@rkr786 Do you work on the Met line by any chance?


Umm no…!



Ah ok :slight_smile: Just you mentioned HOTH, Wembley Park & E&C

I live in Pinner so not far from Harrow :wink:


Elephant and castle has the bakerloo and northern line!


Hi mike,
Are you playing in any of the football leagues?

Were looking for more players in the borehamwood league


Brampton, Cambs rather than Cumbria which is where Google insists I live most of the time.


I’m originally from Bristol but been in Sydney, Australia for around 14years. I blame the Southern Hemisphere for my weight gain.


Poland, Warsaw ish but originally a Manchester lad, did a few years on the Costa del Sol, but been here for about 8 years now.

I certainly don’t blame Polish food for my current weight :nauseated_face:


Bicester, just north of Oxford. Home of the notorious Bicester Village.


nice place that… pricey! lol

Hopefully we can all get some nice stuff to wear there after trimming down!.. lol

Maybe Hollister??


Pricey and full of tourists. Maybe get a ralph lauren kit? lol


Sunderland. I kno dont mention the football team lol


Easy for you to say my 2 teams are Birmingham and Solihull Moors and my local team is now Torquay all 3 are in the relegation zones😥


Originally from Stoke on Trent (let’s not talk about football eh?)
Spent the last 10 years overseas drinking too much, and am currently living in Thailand. This is my local - 10 minutes from home


Born and bred in Bristol. Moved to Sydney now in Brisbane. Ive been in Australia for so long i now call football, soccer. I’m sorry!


From Greenwich in South East London.


Expat Scouser, residing in sunny Grimsby (it can be pretty grim, but the coast and the beach are ace in the winter, when the arcades are closed!!!)




Nashville, Tennessee, by way of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Toms River New Jersey.


Cape Town, South Africa