Where/What are Badges?

Badges are not physical badges as some may expect but recognition of the progress you have currently made in your individual journey and also for your participation here on the forum.

There are a long list of available badges as per here: https://talk.manvfat.com/badges

MVFIA Badges - These are the badges that are required in order to be able to join one of our MVFIA Groups!

Getting Started - You will obtain these automatically as you do things across the forum. Such as liking, editing, quoting a post etc.

Weight Loss - Now these are the important ones that everyone should be after - this is where you can get the recognition you deserve of how well you are doing with your weightloss journey. We focus on the percentage of body weight lost and how many lbs you have lost in increments so you can set the next badge as your next target. We then have our amazing loser badge for those who have won their battle!
Get your badges here!

Community - These like the getting started badges are automatically granted over time and are split into Gold/Silver/Bronze areas depending on the type of badge and how difficult they will be to obtain. There is also a special gold one for the Coaches of the MvF Football Teams who are here on the forum.

Posting - Automatic badges focusing on your posts, and how liked they are.

Post Counts - So how many posts have you made on the forum in your War against Fat! The higher the ranking the more posts have been made! There is only one Master of this fleet!

Trust Level - Trust level badges are granted based on what level you have gained on the forum.
Basic members are our newer members to the forum who have read a few topics and learnt what we are about. New user restrictions have been lifted and you will be able to contribute further.
Member - our standard role for those members who have been around a fair bit longer and keep coming back.
Regular - These are our most active users who around consistently and making valuable contributions to the forum. They are granted some additional permissions and a private “frequent flier’s lounge”.
Leaders - These are the admin/moderation team on the forum - any issues these are the guys to refer to at first point of call - Any issues around posts you can flag them or give us a shout by messaging @admins.