Which Bike for @Big_Fella

Finally, the bullet is about to be bitten, and a bike is about to be purchased. Thought I’d get some advice from the experts @Adrian @biketester @Timmy @ilpirata et al. I’ve put the post on this board in case others are at this point as well. I know a thread like this comes up from time to time.

So my riding willl be farm lanes and roads, a good mix given I live on the edge of a village out in the county. Also, I live 10 mins from The Trossachs in Scotland and there are some great forest roads/trails to get out on. I’m not after a road bike, I’m thinking hybrid, as just riding on tarmac is not for me.

Back in the day I had a Claud Butler road bike and a Dawes mountain bike. Both were great and I never had any problems with them. But, that was about 30 years ago, and things have moved on, so I don’t know if I’m right sticking to what I know, but here are the two I’m looking at…




I’m 205 lb at the minute and pretty determined to see Onederland again in the not too distant future. Don’t really want to spend any more than £250, but could push it to £300 max. Any advise guys? Which one of these two should I go for, or is there something else that I should be looking at?

Thanks for the help. Any advice very welcome.

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I don’t know much about those bikes, but they look pretty similar in terms of spec so you shouldn’t go far wrong with either. Bikes at that price will be sturdy (read: heavy) but tend to just keep on going. Gearing isn’t going to get you up any walls but should be ok for the Trossachs.

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Agree with @ilpirata they look reasonable for the money. A step up from the sub £200 bicycle shaped objects which tend to show their problems.

Note one of them is 21 gears whilst the other 18, but both have the same range of gearing. Would be tempted to go for the 21.

A hybrid bike is by its nature a compromise. You’ll be able to ride it in the places you mentioned, but it won’t excel in any of them.

Couple of other things to add:

  1. Disc brakes are brilliant. I have them on my mountain bike and really wish I had them on my road bike which I bought before they became common on road bikes. You’d probably need to up your budget to get them but I really think they are worth it. There again I’m a person who gets scared by going fast.

  2. Pedals on new bikes are generally rubbish. Even on expensive bikes. Bike manufacturers seem to assume you’ll change them.


Thanks guys! I’m not sure how the cycling will go, so hence not wanting to spend too much on a bike just now, but agree the sub £200 market is not what I’m after.

I accept the comments re comprise of a hybrid, but I think that is what I need just now. Who knows, if I get back into it again, well…this could become an expensive hobby!!

Yes, it can. I started off with a mountain bike. I was very big and heavy and not confident on the road or hills. Just sticking to the canal towpath. Mountain bike knobbly tyres help with the muddy bits and the short steep slopes at the locks. But riding it on the road you can hear the energy being wasted on the tyres.

Haven’t heard from @Timmy or @biketester in a long time but @TommyD and @mick might add something.

You can also stick you name down here:

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Just a biased recommendation- I have a Cube Curve Pro hybrid which is basically built for commuting and occasional comfy fitness. About 500 quid. I have done 3000 miles on mine since 2013.

Cube is very good value for money against the Specialized / Cannondale / GT / Trek / Giant brands and I found had better components by and large, plus it’s a German brand - quality.

Also, the “Boardman” brand (available from Halfords) is exceptional value for money. I have a Boardman helmet and its reviews for the price are epic.

With bikes, if you’re going to do it, spend money if you can - the better the bike, the better the experience and bigger the fun.

Just my opinion!

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Just had a look at your bike - nice, good spec indeed. Wee bitty pricey for where I’m at just now, if I knew for sure it would get a heap of use, then I’d do it. I’ll see how I go. :+1:

Agree with Alex about the Boardman bikes being value for money and good quality. I have a boardman mountain bike.

They’re beyond your budget new but I bet you could pick one up on ebay.



You’re employer got a cycle to work scheme in place?
If not they’re relatively painless to set up.
Will make your budget go a bit further if they do.


Guess it depends on what size you’re after, but there are a few cheapies knocking about on Ebay…

Good point on the CycletoWork thing… @CRS1965

Good point. @Big_Fella you should look in the mirror and have a word with the boss. :slight_smile:

The cycle to work scheme is how this guy got started. http://www.fatcyclerider.co.uk/p/about-me.html

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Great idea.
Exercise sitting down, out in the fresh air, chewing up the miles. What’s not to like?
Both bikes look fine to me. Disc brakes would be better, I need mine to bring 21 stone to a halt as quickly as possible, but that might require a bit more.
Ebay worth a look, Halfords too as Boardman and Carrera are both good value. Look on their site for offers, there are a couple of hybrids with disc brakes around £320 at present.
You’re right to be cautious. Not everyone likes cycling so dipping your toe in the water is the right option.
I know a few chaps that wasted money on bikes that never get out.
Once you get in to it you will find the N+1 equation applies…
Don’t forget a few extras such as water bottles, some tools and spares as well as some padded shorts. You can get padded undershorts if the full Mamil look is not appealing.
Good luck, pedal on.

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some major key points though, once you’ve paid for the bike, and got through the first few days/weeks of adjusting to the exercise…

It’s free, it’s good for the environment, it keeps you fit, you’re part of a really friendly community.

No matter where you are, what town, age, whatever, if one cyclist sees another cyclist on the road - they ALWAYS say hello or give you a friendly nod!

Could the same be said for car drivers!?


Another on offer @ Evans - £365 with Disc Brakes

Ha! Yes I should indeed…in fact what really means is that I need to talk to HR and advise them of a new policy!

There are indeed some here, still a bit more than I wanted to pay, and most are pick up only…that makes the pick up a bit of long journey from north of the border.

The Boardman stuff is nice, and interesting the view is that it’s good value. I’m wary of anything from Halfords, as in the past they have sold a lot of poor quality. Carrera would just scrape over the line IMO.

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Boardman regularly get ‘how do they make something this good for that price’ reviews. Not ridden one myself but everything I read about the brand suggests you will not get better, pound for pound. If you can stretch to a slightly higher price - whether Boardman or not - you’ll get more out of your cycling.

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Yeah, the reviews by and large from all my knowledgeable cycling buddies is that Boardman is up there with the lower/medium price range premium brands - so essentially, pay £500 for a Boardman and you’re getting the equivalent of a £750+ Specialized Bike.

Personally don’t mind Halfrauds as a retailer, as long as I’m not having any work done on my car!

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Yeah, I just don’t think Chris Boardman would put his name to anything shoddy… you could certainly do a lot worse, I wouldnt go near anything like a Claud Butler, Raleigh, although they might be solidly made, they will be super heavy.


Are you familiar with this?


Might help you to move upmarket

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