Which Football Boots


So coming into yet another season of football, I feel its time for new boots.

As quite large still ( 20+ stone), I’m after something comfortable, with a budget of £70 I suppose.

I normally always wear Adidas, and have been wearing blue Goletto, and they are fairly thin so they feel nice on foot.

What do people recommend? A different brand for a big guy?


If you can get some classic puma kings always found them comfy


I think it depends on your foot size, and if you can try on a pair first. I go up half a size for football boots, just for comfort so my feet and toes have room to move in.

Boots can be very personal things, which is why it’s always best to give them a wear on your feet with football socks on first, as 1 make might wear a lot different to another.


I’ve got the Adidas Copa, think they’re half a size or a size big but they’re perfect. Started over 31st and down to just over 24st now and they’ve been great, still got them.

They were less than £40 from Sports Direct.


+1 for the Adidas Copa.
Have had them in 3 different colours so far & looking at my next colour choice…

Also appear on Amazon dirt cheap an awful lot.


Got these at the start of last season


Very good and comfortable. Went for all black myself but the red editions are only 24GBP.


Thanks for the feedback guys!

Like the look of the Copa, although as soon as googling, it came up with the £200 version :joy:

Worst thing is the only store available that stocks anything worth looking at is Sports Direct


Just do what we do when the kids need new shoes. Get them measured and fitted in a proper shop and then buy them online for a lot cheaper!

I’ve had the Adidas Copa’s as well, really comfortable boots.


Prodirect or kitbag are you best place o line to have a look


Loads on Amazon…


there are plenty of good sports shoes available online on different market places like amazon,ebay etc, i suggest you nike jordan, they are most comfortable and light weight.